Friday, September 25, 2009

September Update

Its been a Little while since we have updated.
Nothing new and exciting really.

We moved the boy's bedroom to the basement where they have a much bigger space. They love having their own floor.

School is going well for both of them. Liam joined the track and field team. I have to talk to Mrs. White about them going away for their events ( Liam said they are competing in Almonte).

Aidan is riding his bike almost daily and getting lots of exercise and etc. We had to take away his DS for a while. He only gets it on bad weather days now if he can't make other plans. He has to make the effort to do something before he gets the chance to play it.

Helyn is adapting well to school so far. She is exhausted when she comes home, but overall is getting along with the other kids and doing her work. She points out letters that she recognizes in signs and spells her name with no hesitation. She had a great birthday. We had a slumber party theme party with the slumbering. The kids all wore PJS and we did make up, hair and nails. It was very cute. I will post pics later on.

Work is going well. I am able to do things second nature now and don't have to ask nearly as many questions. The Midwives are friendly and helpful and Janet ( the administrator )gives me lots of feedback and things to do. I started running with my neighbour Elizabeth this week. We are at 10 minutes walking fast and 1 minute running for week 1... next week we will walk for 9 run for 2.. etc.

Glen is doing ok with work. It slowed a bit, as work usually does in his business around this time, but we are hopeful it will pick up again.

I am loving the fallness around us. It is gorgeous weather mid day and cooler at night. It makes me pretty happy. I am going to get out with the kids today and get some pics of the beautiful leaves.

Hope all is well... keep in touch.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time to update

The kids started school today.
Liam is in grade 4 in Mrs Coleman's class, Aidan is in Mrs. Pentz's grade 2 class and Helyn in Mr Patterson's kindergarten class.

They all had a great first day. They are tired, but good. Hopefully they will be in bed early enough. I took them to the park after dinner.. then its clean up time and bed.

The Crampton Crew this morning before school.


On the way.





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