Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 2016

Long time no blog.

I guess life has gotten busier with moving up north 3 years ago.

We now live in a cozy 4 bedroom house that we bought last year for a good price. It's a fixer upper and we are in the midst of renovations. That means no walls and ceilings in the kitchen and living room and no kitchen cabinets.

Glen was off for 8 months from work so he went a little stir crazy to say the least. With my less than modest income that meant we had to stop buying materials so we could pay for our shell and put food on the table and fall a little behind on bills. It sucks being middle income and only one paycheck coming in.

Glen just started driving for a new company out of Winnipeg. He is expecting to be on the road for a few months before we see him. Hopefully he can come back next month when I go out of town for training and he will be back at the end of June for Aidan's grade 8 graduation.

Glen had left the house last summer for five months. He was going through a rough time with himself and left us. He still took the kids as often as he could and got his own place. It was time that we needed apart as it was not a good relationship that we were in at that moment. He moved back in in December following his mom's passing and we have taken it one day at at time.

I am working full time as store manager for our KL McD's. It is a rough job as I am in charge of 50+ staff and I have little direction from my supervisor and high expectations. It is a job, i think that I am good at it but I have lots of learning to do.

I stepped back from my part time job as medical receptionist at the Methadone clinic. It was way too many hours now that I am running the store. I had hoped to keep both jobs, but it didn't leave me with enough time for family and for myself.

I just started getting back into the fitness side of things. It has been two years since my knee surgery and I am feeling the need to run again. Hopefully It doesn't make things worse. I am going to modestly run this time. three times a week tops hopefully building up to 10 k. As my relationship with my husband goes, I will do the same with my exercise. One day at a time, one step at a time. I am using the couch to 10k application on my phone so to build up my endurance and distance. On my off days, I am doing stretching and light yoga to build up my muscles to prevent/reduce injury to my knees.

Liam is in grade 10 at KLDCS. He has been struggling with motivation to do his assignments and it is reflecting in his grades. He is trying and we are doing a  new approach to his homework and test preparation. He has been working at McDonalds for over a year now and enjoys making the money. He is going to Comic Con with some students from the High school next month. He has quite the portfolio of drawings and likes to live stream while he is drawing.

Aidan will be graduation from Grade 8 next month from the Intermediate program at KLDCS. His marks are amazing and he is a great student and peer as per his teachers. He spends his spare time playing video games and hanging out with his friends. He has been helping out a lot with Helyn lately too. He has quite the personality. He loves to do quirky little things that make us laugh.

Helyn is in grade 5 at Sacred Heart Catholic School. She is quite the little budding artist with the inspiration from her older brother Liam. She is turing out to be quite the young lady. She enjoys cooking and drawing. She got a cupcake maker for Christmas and makes us treats all the time. She is so sweet and loves helping her family.

Mom had a hard year battling colorectal cancer. She had chemotherapy and radiation treatments followed by surgery and an Illiostomy bag to help her heal following the surgery. The surgeon was confident that they removed all the cancerous tumors. She just had her bag removed so that is a new adjustment and recovery from surgery. It has been two weeks now and she is healing.

Dad is still out in Winnipeg. Looks like he will finally be retiring from truck driving. Nancy just moved back home to the apartment after a brief stint in retirement housing. Dad will be her primary caregiver with home care and nurses coming to check in on her daily and meals on wheels.

I will keep up a little more often now.


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