Thursday, July 24, 2008

So tired.

Well I finally just sat down.

I know I said I wasn't going to pack Glen's bag, but I did minus warm clothes. I was putting away the laundry and was running out of room so I packed his shirts, underwear, socks, shorts and swim pants. He can pick out what he wants to wear that is warmer and if he wants pants.

I am pathetic aren't I?

Tomorrow is Christmas In July with the daycare kids so I just finished decorating the living room with tinsel and putting up some Christmas decorations. Waylon and Emma's mom loaned me a little tree so we can put our presents under it. Thanks Tracy. Hopefully they appreciate it. The boys just came downstairs a few minutes ago and Aidan asked if it was Christmas. LOL so cute.

We are doing a present pass around, making christmas cookies, making a Christmas craft and watching a Christmas movie for quiet time. I will probably read a Christmas story too. It will be fun. The kids are psyched!

It will be a crazy last day before vacation.. but at least the kids will have a good day if all goes well.

I dont think i could have picked better activities for today

Its been raining all day.
Today is art Day.
The kids coloured all morning.
We made some frog puppets
and Now they are painting.
To be followed up with something.. i just dont know what yet. LOL


Oh Man, that sucks.

We got out for a walk this morning, it wasn't raining yet, but I still dressed up the kids in rain coats just in case.

So we get halway around the block and it starts sprinkling. I figure we have about 10 minutes before it pours by looking at the clouds.. I was wrong.

Full on downpour within a minute. Oh we got wet. I don't mind walking in the rain and we were even splashing in puddles and laughing at how wet we were getting. But all of a sudden Helyn wanted to get carried, Emily started whining and the dog was pulling like crazy. Ahhhh. They took my happy moment and made it anxiety ridden. Oh well.. I figured they were hungry so we are having an early lunch before a craft project and then its quiet time.

Oh how I love quiet time. Jorian and Emily are the only 2 who usually nap, but I have a feeling Helyn will fall asleep today. Waylon and Emma can watch a movie or play on the computer for a bit and I don't think the boys are coming home any time soon. So please pray its quiet for a bit so i can regroup.

Thursday T - 2 days

2 more days.
2 more days?!
OMG 2 more days until we leave.

I am trying my hardest not to freak out but yea.. its hard. There is just so much to do. I am not sure what needs to be done, what if we forget something and etc..

On the bright side, I am down 5 pounds from last week. I started really eating better 2 Sundays ago and walking almost every day and some areobics in there as well and I am down 5 pounds. I am 3 pounds from the top of my bmi now and I have another 10 pounds I want to lose on top of that too. I am hoping that we can get in some exercise on the beach as well. I don't see why we wouldn't be able to as we don't have the kids with us.

It will be nice to take a jog along the beach.


Last night was a horrible sleep night. Helyn fell asleep at 6 pm watching TV in our room. She has done this a few times before and slept through the night no problem.

Last night was a different night.

She woke up as I was going to bed at 1030 and she played in my bed until 4ish. 4 O clock in the morning!!!! And somewhere in between there, the cat got on the bed and started playing too.

So here I am this morning on, if I am lucky 3 hours sleep. I had to get up for Emily and Jorian being delivered at 6 am... oh dear God... please make this day go fast.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Starting to rain now.

I got out for an hour long walk this evening.
I really needed it.

I felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin with everything that has to be done in 2 days time.

I got the boy's bags packed today so that is one less thing, but the cleaning.. oh the cleaning.

Helyn passed out at 6 so after I finish this, I am going to go and get my stuff done so maybe I can go to bed early or spend a few moments with Glen after he gets back from the gym.

Sigh.. i don't wanna clean.

Someone come do it for me?

Steve the Cat.

Our cat does the most cutest/disturbing thing.
He has a thing for fleece.
Usually its a fleece blanket but right now its my sweater.

He likes to suckle at it, he kneeds with his paws and sucks at it until he falls asleep.. just like a baby nurses.

I feel like I am getting sick

Please don't let me be sick.
I don't need to be sick while on vacation.
I feel really run down, having troubles sleeping and I am a little stuffy today.
Let it be allergies or dust!

I am still on top of the laundry!! I am really proud of myself. I find it really easy to fall behind with it and so far I am ahead at folding and putting most of it away. The boys have to put their own away today. I have been reminding them all this week about it, but its still sitting there on the top bunk.( they have been sleeping on the floor again... silly boys) So I have to get their butts in gear today before they get to play video games or visit friends, they will have to put their clothes away.

Its bike day today with the day care kids. Please hope and pray it doesn't rain. They really enjoyed taking their bikes out last week so I decieded to do it again this week. We won't be decorating them, but we will go for a couple nice long bike rides.

3 more days people. 3 more days and we will be on the road on our way to our campsite for a little R & R. Its so needed right now.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pics from Bubble day

They kids had a blast with Bubble day yesterday.

Waylon and Jorian seemed to enjoy it the most.

Helyn hit the bubbles and Liam and Aidan pretended they were pokemon type creatures and hit them too.

She fell asleep!!

Hee Hee
So i got in 25 minutes of areobics before Jorian got up.

Woo Hoo.
So hopefully tonight I can get in a long walk after dinner too.

I forgot

Lynn called to remind me of my first aid kits.
I already have that too.

I packed my bag and Helyn's bag last night so 2 down 5 to go.
I am going to make Glen do his own bag so I don't get the "you forgot to pack my..." speech.
He is a big boy, he can do it and I am sure he will do it graciously.

Today is a blah day. It's overcast and hot and sticky.
We didn't do the park this morning, but we played school and played in the backyard for an hour or so. Lena came and took the boys to fix up the Tee Pee type structure they built last summer. Its all over grown with weeds and she has something planned.

Now its quiet time, Jorian just started fussing and he has only been down for 40 minutes. There is no way that he is going to get up now after a 40 minute nap. He will be a bear for me and his parents if he hasn't had at least an hour and a half. Emily is having a little snooze and Helyn ( who won't take a nap lately) is laying down watching Curious George.

I was hoping to get in my areobics dvd during quiet time but she wanted TV so guess who won?

Maybe after the kids leave this afternoon then.

3 1/2 more days...

Monday, July 21, 2008


5 more days!!
Oh my I am nervous.
There is so much to do and I don't think there is enough time in the day to get it all done.
See here I am on the computer when I could be tidying up a room or starting to pack bags.

I have been doing laundry for the past 2 hours, folding and washing, putting away.. I just need a break.

So I think we have all of our camping supplies now. We just need to go grocery shopping on Thursday to make sure we have enough good for Becky and the kids and then our stuff for camping.

We have

a tent ( 7 man tent)
a sleeping bag
air mattress
cast iron frying pan
paper plates
Beach umbrella

I think that is all we need besides clothing and food.

Anything else I am forgetting?

We are going to go to Canada's wonderland one of the days and the boys want to go see races at some point during the week and go on a boat cruise on the lake. We will mostly be beaching it and just relaxing. I will bring the ball mitts, frisbee and some other fun stuff to play with as well.

Pray for nice weather for us please.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Aidan climbing a wall that I am sure he is not supposed to. LOL

But hey.. they didn't kick him off so I think we are good.

Helyn getting a break from Auntie Becky. Too bad she wouldn't use the stroller we got for her.

My future Engineer playing in the Bob the Builder exhibit. Liam is getting so big.

Busy weekend.

We went to the Civilizations museum yesterday. Glen had to work so I brought them down and we met Becky and Ben.

They loved the children's part of the museum, it was very interactive and they had a special Bob the builder exhibit that we could barely tear them apart from.

We also brought them to an IMAX movie called Wild Ocean. It was really cool. Helyn really enjoyed it and Liam too. Aidan got a little scared at parts, but I talked him through and then it was good.

We went to the Rideau center after and met up with my friend Nancy and her daughter Jess and another friend Sandra for ice cream and some shopping. If it werent for all the extra ladies there helping me out, I would have lost one of the kids, I am sure of it.

We said goodbye to Nancy, Becky and Ben and Jess and went to Sandra's to wait for Daddy to pick up up. We had a dip in their pool and then when daddy came, we went for dinner at Mexicala Rosa's.

Oh it was a long day, but I think the kids had fun.

I forgot, Aidan threw up in the middle of the night. I swear it's because we ate nothing but fast food all day ( mcdonald's for breakfast, muffins for lunch, ice cream for snack and he had pogos and fries for dinner). I swear my kids are not meant for fast food for 3 meals a day. Liam used to get sick when we had days like that, now its Aidan. Poor guy.

Yea.. so that was Saturday.

Today was shopping and getting things cleaned up before we leave in 6 days!!!! OMG I can't believe its coming up this fast. Wish us luck. We still have a lot to get ready before we go.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Its Friday night baby yea!!

I am headed into Ottawa tomorrow to take the kids to the Civilizations museum in Ottawa. We are meeting Becky for breakfast and then heading out after for a fun day ( hopefully). Wish me luck.

Today turned out ok. The kids played games a while and then we played out in the kiddie pool and they washed their bikes and the ride on toys before the storm started.

All in all it was a good day where my friday's with the kids are usually so hectic. They were mostly in good moods and so it helped mine.

5 more work days until our vacation at Sauble!

So far so good.

The weather has held off this morning. It hasn't rained today yet so we had the whole morning at the park. Whew!
The kids played really well together and we stayed until after 11.
We are at home and having lunch now and everyone is still in a good mood so game day is a go after a little quiet time.


yea.. I think I told you all about me hating mornings.
Even more so today.
We had a storm last night so the dog turned into a vibrator and whined for a couple hours.
Then I realized that the windows were all open and I had to wipe up a puddle we had at the patio door.

And Helyn was in our bed again. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now. She wakes up and comes into our room and she doesn't even wake us up anymore, she just crawls into bed and I wake up with a foot in my face.

Today is game day. And I couldnt have picked a better day for it. Its supposed to storm off and on all day. Not only is it Friday, one of the longest days of the week, but its a rainy one. At least the kids have board games to play with and I might even let them play the Wii this afternoon too.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bad Bad halloween day.

I have been picking at the candy.


So I gave a bit more away than I was going to. Muhahahahaha.

So the kids had fun. It is horribly hot outside so luckily we only had 4 houses to go to.

So here are my trick or treaters. They were so looking forward to it.

Good Luck today Robin and Happy Birthday Konnor

My sister in law Robin is going in for surgery today so I wanted to wish her luck and a quick recovery.

Its also my Neice Konnor's 2nd Birthday today. Happy Birthday Konnor

I like starting my mornings like this.

I got up this morning a little later than I have been for the past week and did some yoga instead of walking. It felt really good and relaxing rather than stressful trying to get home in time for Glen to go out to the gym.

So I did that, had my shower, had my breakfast, I am on my second cup of coffee and i feel so relaxed. The kids are happy, fed and we will head out to the park this morning for a bit. They are calling for rain, but I refuse to believe it until I see it as it was supposed to rain yesterday and it didn't.

Today is Halloween with the daycare kids. I went out and got some junk last night and I have to drop some off at some neighbour's houses so the kids can trick or treat with their costumes on. They are pretty excited about it.

I can't believe its only 9 more days until Sauble beach!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another day we survived.

Sigh!! Yea.. its 5 o clock and we survived.

It was a busy one.
We went to go to the park this morning and they were still working on fixing it up so we stopped off at our friend's place to let her know we werent down there and ended up staying there for an hour.

Then I took her daughter home with me to play with Ms. Helyn for the afternoon. (yea... i know).

It went ok.. the girls played well together and everyone was in great moods so yea.

I want to go for a walk tonight but now it looks like its going to pour! So keep your fingers crossed for me.

Wednesday July 16th.

Happy Birthday Becky!!

Its my little sister's birthday today. The big '27... wow.. we are getting old little sis.

Hope you have a great day.
Make sure Jon does something nice for you.

Today is Pajama and the stuffy picnic. So I am still in my jammies and everyone else is dressed. Ha ha.
It might rain though so the picnic may be indoors.
I got out for my walk this morning. It was a short one as it looked like it was going to rain.. but 25 minutes is good for the morning and I will go out again tonight.
I got a bikini for our trip in 10 days... yes 10 days so I want to look good. Thus; I have to stick to my diet this week and get in some exercise every day.
Glen was on day 2 of his gym regimen. He is enjoying it. I can't wait to get back to it.
Aidan is going on a playdate at his friend Sam's today. He is pretty stoked. He gets bored being stuck with mom all day. Liam has his friend Kyle here this week so it will be nice for Aidan to have someone.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty
Originally uploaded by mom2lah
Helyn after falling asleep yesterday.

Aidan Leading the pack

Aidan Leading the pack
Originally uploaded by mom2lah
Love this look on Aidan dont you?
The tucked in shirt and ear warmer.

Bike day participants

Bike day participants
Originally uploaded by mom2lah
All of the kids on their decorated bikes

Bike Day.

It went much better than I thought it would.
The kids had fun decorating their bikes and stayed in line and waved to people as we drove by.
It was adorable. We were going to go down to the park but they were changing over the sand ( long overdue) so we just finished our circle and came home for freezies.

Helyn didnt want to participate, but she kept everyone in line telling them when to stop and if they were going too fast. Such a mom.

July 15th

Well Glen joined the gym and his first workout there started today.
I can't say that I am not jealous. I enjoyed the gym too, but we can't afford for both of us to be there. I will join again in the fall and continue doing my walks and floor exercises.
He needs it and wants to lose more weight to feel better.
I can't stop him there.

Today is bike day with the day care kids. They all brought their bikes and we rode them down to the park this morning. They were so good and mindful of the rules I set out about corners and staying where i could see them. I was pretty impressed.
So this afternoon we will decorate their bikes and go on a bike parade up and down out street. They are pretty excited about it.

Liam asked me today about playing Tennis. He says he really wants to learn. I think I will sign him up next year if he is still interested in it.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Nothing like a toddler who doesn't want to get dressed first thing in the morning to mess up your day.

I was up at 5 am this morning for a walk to get my head straight before the kids got here. The morning started off well. I had a cup of coffee had my breakfast had the house tidy and then Helyn woke up in a fabulous mood.

So yea.. now she is half dressed and won't put her top on. I have to get the kids out of the house so we are all sane before the rain starts this afternoon. 430 cannot come soon enough today.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The boys in the tent

Originally uploaded by mom2lah
Pre falling asleep possibly. LOL

Crazy Crazy weekend.

Its Sunday.. and I never thought I would say it, but I am glad the weekend is over.

The boys had a birthday party this weekend to go to and Glen was gone all day yesterday to go see Races with Chris and Sandra so it was mostly me and Helyn together yesterday.

Today we had our friend Mark over for his birthday dinner. His wife had laser eye surgery on Friday and is in no condition to do anything for him so we offered to help.
He was pretty happy that we did something nice for him. He is a good friend so we were more than happy to have him over.

Right now the boys are sleeping out in the tent that we set up in the back yard to air out. Glen is going to sleep downstairs so he can keep an ear out for them. They are so excited.
I will post a picture of them in the tent after i send out this blog.

So yea... 12 more days until Sauble Beach!!! Yea!! I can't wait. The kids are really looking forward to staying with Nana and Papa and spending time with Auntie Becky. I think it will be good for all of us to have a break.

Going to be a busy week this week at Daycare. We have special days planned for the kids so the week will go fast.

Oh sigh.. I am so tired.

Good night all.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Daddy and Liam

Originally uploaded by mom2lah
I love this picture.

Me and Glen

Originally uploaded by mom2lah
Us watching Theory of a Deadman.

After the Concert

Originally uploaded by mom2lah
Liam and Kyle were fast asleep after the concert.
Aren't they peaceful?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Aidan in the sprinkler

Originally uploaded by mom2lah

oh and before I forget!!!

We will be getting Central Air in the next week or so and we are getting a steal of a deal!!!

Yee Haw!!

Rain Rain go away

Its raining this morning.
This really sucks when you have 8 kids in your home for the day.
The house is either a) going to get destroyed or b) get really clean because I will put them all to work. Hee Hee. Which is what I am making Liam and Aidan do today as their room is a disaster area.
We were thinking of bringing the boys to the concert with us tonight, but its supposed to rain all day and I am not sure we would like to let them play in mud all night. So we will see how things dry up today.

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty busy day. We spent the morning at the park, came back for lunch and quiet time then back out to the park and playing outside with the ride on toys and bikes until the parents came to pick up the other kids.

I dont know what to do with Helyn. All of a sudden, she isn't sleeping well anymore. She is giving up her nap, fine.. i can deal with that if she sleeps better at night but she isn't. She keeps waking up throughout the night and calling out for me, or whining or screaming ( which is her new thing). And putting her down is no picnic either. She gets out of bed 3+ times before she falls asleep on the floor, in my bed, on the stairs, etc.

I hate sleep training.. its seems like its never over. And I wanted to have her go down easily for Becky and Lynn and Murray when we go away.

Any suggestions?

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I had about 30 minutes of quiet while Emily, Jorian, Helyn and Waylon were all resting and Emma was making a book. Liam and Aidan were at a friend's house playing video games too.

Now the moment has passed and everyone is awake.

Ugh.. I dont like mornings.

They really come too fast.
Last night, Glen and I went for a long walk just the 2 of us while Lena and Mitch took Helyn and Aidan for ice cream at Dairy Queen. It was so nice to be out just the 2 of us and I am happy we were walking. I love that Glen is getting more active now. It's helping his mood and my mood.
Liam slept over at his friend Kyle's last night too so we let Aidan stay up a little later to play Lego star wars with Daddy. Now, at 807 am he is still sleeping. Little bugger.

Me and Glen are going to see Bluesfest on Friday. A friend told me she brings her kids and I went to the website to find out that kids under 10 are free. I asked Liam if he wanted to go and he told me no. I told him to really think about it because he likes the bands who are playing. I think he just wants to be babysat by Debbie. He is getting so old.

So yea... just waiting around for Mr. Aidan to wake up so we can head down to the park... WAKE UP BUDDY!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Originally uploaded by mom2lah
Aidan was playing outside in the backyard with water and I asked him to make faces at me.

Helyn at Playgroup

Call me Biased
Originally uploaded by mom2lah
I wonder what goes on in her head somedays.
She is always deep in thought.

My big Boy Liam

Liam playing in the water
Originally uploaded by mom2lah
I took this one of Liam while he was playing in the sprinkler.

1st entry

Well lets see.

My first entry in my new blog.

Where we are right now?

Liam just finished grade 2. He did really well with mostly a's and b's. He is reading at level 24 which is great in my eyes and above where he should be. He has lots of great friends in the neighbourhood. He loves riding his bike that he got for his birthday last year and video games as well.

He is trying to grow up and fast. He wants more responsibility and more freedom than I am willing to give him. Baby steps. He is very mature and I trust him, but its the other kids out there who scare me.

Aidan just finished Kindergarten and will be starting in grade 1 in the fall. He has come a long way this year. His reading is finally to standard and he is just finally getting it. We were worried for a little bit a few months ago, but I think he just finally got it. He even got a positive person award that his school gives out twice a year for personal responsibility last month. I was pretty impressed tell you me.

Helyn, oh Helyn. LOL

She is potty training right now and has very few accidents.

She has a firey temper and loves to throw tantrums.

She also has this way about her that makes everyone love her. She is a special little person.

Glen and I are going away for our first vacation ever to Sauble beach with friends of ours and without the kids to top it off! Its going to be fun and weird. Becky and my Nana and Papa will be watching the kidlets for us so bless them.

We are also both trying to lose some weight before going away and hoping to keep it off after that as well. Glen has been jogging every morning and almost every night for the past week and watching what he is eating too. He has lost over 10 pounds already ( lucky bastard) I have lost 10 pounds in the past 3 months! Ahhh. LOL

Well Hopefully having him on board will help me stay on track as well.

So there is the low down. I am hoping I will keep this blog up to date.

Good night all.

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