Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I forgot

Lynn called to remind me of my first aid kits.
I already have that too.

I packed my bag and Helyn's bag last night so 2 down 5 to go.
I am going to make Glen do his own bag so I don't get the "you forgot to pack my..." speech.
He is a big boy, he can do it and I am sure he will do it graciously.

Today is a blah day. It's overcast and hot and sticky.
We didn't do the park this morning, but we played school and played in the backyard for an hour or so. Lena came and took the boys to fix up the Tee Pee type structure they built last summer. Its all over grown with weeds and she has something planned.

Now its quiet time, Jorian just started fussing and he has only been down for 40 minutes. There is no way that he is going to get up now after a 40 minute nap. He will be a bear for me and his parents if he hasn't had at least an hour and a half. Emily is having a little snooze and Helyn ( who won't take a nap lately) is laying down watching Curious George.

I was hoping to get in my areobics dvd during quiet time but she wanted TV so guess who won?

Maybe after the kids leave this afternoon then.

3 1/2 more days...

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