Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I feel like I am getting sick

Please don't let me be sick.
I don't need to be sick while on vacation.
I feel really run down, having troubles sleeping and I am a little stuffy today.
Let it be allergies or dust!

I am still on top of the laundry!! I am really proud of myself. I find it really easy to fall behind with it and so far I am ahead at folding and putting most of it away. The boys have to put their own away today. I have been reminding them all this week about it, but its still sitting there on the top bunk.( they have been sleeping on the floor again... silly boys) So I have to get their butts in gear today before they get to play video games or visit friends, they will have to put their clothes away.

Its bike day today with the day care kids. Please hope and pray it doesn't rain. They really enjoyed taking their bikes out last week so I decieded to do it again this week. We won't be decorating them, but we will go for a couple nice long bike rides.

3 more days people. 3 more days and we will be on the road on our way to our campsite for a little R & R. Its so needed right now.


Noah and Emily said...

god woman, your day starts early!!

Christine said...

Yea it does.
So sad but it does.

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