Wednesday, July 9, 2008

1st entry

Well lets see.

My first entry in my new blog.

Where we are right now?

Liam just finished grade 2. He did really well with mostly a's and b's. He is reading at level 24 which is great in my eyes and above where he should be. He has lots of great friends in the neighbourhood. He loves riding his bike that he got for his birthday last year and video games as well.

He is trying to grow up and fast. He wants more responsibility and more freedom than I am willing to give him. Baby steps. He is very mature and I trust him, but its the other kids out there who scare me.

Aidan just finished Kindergarten and will be starting in grade 1 in the fall. He has come a long way this year. His reading is finally to standard and he is just finally getting it. We were worried for a little bit a few months ago, but I think he just finally got it. He even got a positive person award that his school gives out twice a year for personal responsibility last month. I was pretty impressed tell you me.

Helyn, oh Helyn. LOL

She is potty training right now and has very few accidents.

She has a firey temper and loves to throw tantrums.

She also has this way about her that makes everyone love her. She is a special little person.

Glen and I are going away for our first vacation ever to Sauble beach with friends of ours and without the kids to top it off! Its going to be fun and weird. Becky and my Nana and Papa will be watching the kidlets for us so bless them.

We are also both trying to lose some weight before going away and hoping to keep it off after that as well. Glen has been jogging every morning and almost every night for the past week and watching what he is eating too. He has lost over 10 pounds already ( lucky bastard) I have lost 10 pounds in the past 3 months! Ahhh. LOL

Well Hopefully having him on board will help me stay on track as well.

So there is the low down. I am hoping I will keep this blog up to date.

Good night all.

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