Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New adventure

Here we are three weeks into our new adventure in ole KL. 

I am working retail. It's interesting. Not horrible but not where I saw myself being. I like working with women and so I can continue to do that. 

Glen is working with my brother in his renovation/ construction business. 

The kids are adjusting. Today seems like a difficult day. Helyn misses her old school and her old teacher and friends. She is sleeping between Glen and I right now. She feels safe. Ill be calling her teacher tomorrow to ask her about Helyns work and this Nathan boy who is upsetting her. 

Aidan yo-yos as well. He likes the kids in his class. He is having issues with one of his teachers. We have been making extra time for him. 

Liam doesn't have an opinion about school. He is trying hard to fit in and make friends. He is a good kid with his head on his shoulders. He went out fishing with Matty ( my moms bf) and he caught a big pike and was shown how to akin it and prepare it. It was pretty cool. 

Our house closes in August so money is right right now as we are paying for expenses there and here. Just two more months to go. 

I feel bad that we are stealing my moms space but happy that the kids are getting to know her and Matty. They are good people who extended their lives and home to us while we try and get a place of our own. 
Apartments/ rentals are hard to come by around here. We have been looking but nothin big enough or safe enough. 
One of Liam's and one of Mattys fish 

Baby girl 

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