Tuesday, September 30, 2008

well she pooped.

We were leaving early so the kids could play in the field at the school for a while before the other kids got out of school when Helyn pooed in her diaper.

I usually don't put one on her but I thought with all the accidents today that something was up and I was happy that I listened to my instincts.

Sorry if TMI but it was huge. I changed her before we left and then she pooed again on the way to school. Let's say she is feeling much better now.

I feel like this is a big repeat with Aidan and potty training. He would poo almost every day but it was dramatic and he would run around like his little butt was on fire for half the day before he would go.

I am tired and stressed and need a break from this. She doesn't like to wear diapers normally and fights me when I put them on her at night most of the time... so yea.. I just don't know what to do.

Oh.. and we got rained on the whole walk there and back. I should have taken my neighbour Lena's offer to keep them home so she could get them. I didn't listen to that instinct.

Shaking my head... I need some wine and a bath and a week off.

This is ridiculous!!

I have tried replying to my comments a few times.

Anyways.. Helyn has had 3 pee accidents today. 3!!!!
This is so unlike her.
I am tired of washing her and the floor. Luckily it was on the hardwood and not on the carpet like this weekend which I have been trying to get the smell out of for the last 2 days.

I am not sure what is bringing this about. but it has to stop.
It is day 3 of poop watch.. so I am assuming that the way she has been eating the last 2 days, she should have to go.



That is what this wet, cold weather is making us feel like.
Its horrible, dark and grey and wet... so what can we do? Stay inside and do crafts, watch movies.. this sucks.
I want to be outside playing with the kids.
Nothing much to report the last few days.

We are getting ready for Aidan's birthday sleepover this weekend. His friends Ty and Sam will be sleeping over this weekend because we are going to Hamilton the weekend of his birthday ( it lands on Thanksgiving weekend again this year) to see my sister and take them to the Toronto Zoo ( the kids don't know about that yet... a big surprise). I hope they enjoy it. I think they are still all the right ages to find the fun in animals. Don't worry i will take lots of pics.

We didn't get to do anything Sunday as Glen had some work to do on the basement and on his skidoo. The boys played around the neighbourhood with the kids and Helyn and I did some cleaning and playing here. Oh well.. every weekend doesn't have to be eventful I suppose.

I have to go get my driver's license.

Aidan is doing super well in school this year. He was calculated to be a level six when he started school this fall and it now reading level 9 books with ease. Very proud of him.

Liam is doing well too. Grade 3 has lots of homework so I think he is a little overwhelmed with that, but he is trying and succeeding.

The boys both start skating lessons on the 20th of October. They know how to stay up, but they need to work on skating without help. Liam wants to play hockey, but he needs to learn skating first of course.

Helyn... oh Helyn... LOL. My little Diva. Nothing new to report on her. She is still only having BM's once a week but at least she is going on the potty for them. She enjoys playing imaginary play stuff with little characters and always wants me to play with her. She loves her rocket, cars and has a little stethoscope she calls Grandma Rocket LOL I have to get a picture of her with it.. very cute.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I love you this much award.

My good friend Michele passed The I Love you This Much award to me and now I would like to pass it on to Tabatha ( My every day Norm).

She is an excellent mother to her Gorgeous twins Rachel and Nathan and just an over all great person.

So please enjoy this Tab and get some sleep will ya because I love you this much.

Ma Ma!!

Helyn is now calling me this.
I have been mommy for 8 years and loving it and now she has to put her stamp on it and call me Ma Ma. Glen says it sounds like we are in the south ( forest gump style I suppose. LOL).

Oh wow.. I slept last night!!

I enjoyed 2 glasses of this wonderful red wine called Wyndham Estate. Its a Shiraz and a South Eastern Australian bottle. Oh it is nice!!

I highly recommend it.

Anyways, I slept like the dead, Aidan didn't wake up until after 730, I woke up Helyn at 8 ( I know dumb.. but I figured she was hungry). Its a dreary looking day. All grey and wet. I think we are going to hit some local shops and go for a coffee this morning so help the day go faster. I have a rain cover for the stroller and both of the kids have rain gear so why not?

Liam is still at Steven's so it will just be the 2 of them unless I can get Aidan to play somewhere this morning so its just me and the girl.

I think I just might be able to get through today. *smiles*.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I think we may have to either go apple picking or for a hike in the gatineau hills tomorrow. I will be bringing my camera! *wink wink*

Friday, September 26, 2008


I say this every friday and every Friday I mean it. LOL

I only had Helyn and Waylon this afternoon so we went out on a nice long walk to see the pretty fall colours and go on an adventure.

It was pretty refreshing just to have the bigger kids. I did however miss the quiet time of having the younger kids. They played hard today.

Tonight Liam is sleeping at Steven's and we just have Aidan and Helyn. Tomorrow Glen and Liam are going to see the Sens play the Habs, so again, I will just have Helyn and Aidan tomorrow night.

Seems like all the days blend into each other lately.

I am feeling a little better.. but my sinus' are still stuffed or I have pressure in them. I wonder if its allergies.. I have never had them before.. why would they start now?? It could be enviromental factors... for instance.. the construction going on around us... but yea.

Here are a few pics I took today.

Pollen Jock

Bee in action.

I found a dead mole on the side of the road. Poor thing.

The Mole.

Helyn was all tired out from our walk.. and well she was up since 430 this morning. yea... it was a coffee day.

Sleeping Helyn.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Helyn's new dress.

My mom sent up money for Helyn's birthday.
We have been eyeing this dress for a couple of weeks and I loved it so much we got it last weekend.
Its a little big on her, but we just roll up the sleeves and there you go.
It is guarenteed not to shrink.



We went to playgroup today for the first time this fall. The kids did pretty well. Mine are usually the ones who start the other kids running around the room during song and story time but not this time. I warned them ahead of time that they would only have 2 chances or we would have to leave. We ended up having to leave after Helyn and Waylon took off during 2 songs but they understood as they were warned.

I have been putting off going as the weather has been gorgeous the last 2 weeks so we have been at the park instead, which we went to after we dropped the kids off at school as we had an hour before group started. Anyways.. they were good. I am proud of them... we have some work to do to get them to sit and listen.. but yea.. mine weren't the only ones this time.



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thank goodness.

I am feeling much better today.
Its about time.
My head still hurts from time to time, but not nearly as bad.
Thanks for all the well wishes.. I needed them.. keep me in your thoughts.
There is a nasty virus going around and I hope no one gets it.

Tonight Glen is going to his first Sens Game for this season.
He is bringing our friend Chris so I hope they have a good time. Liam will go with him on Saturday to see Montreal play. I will take tonight to play with the kids for a bit and get caught up on some laundry afterwards.
I should have sent him with my camera.. but of course its an after thought. I will try and remember to give it to him for Saturday's game so he can take pics of Liam.

I was cleaning out the garden a bit this afternoon while the kids played with the toys. It is a mess.. I want to get it ready for the spring... thinking about what I want to plant.. thinking I might get some tulips for Helyn. She really loved them this year. Its hard to plan though.. our trees keep getting bigger so there is more shade and less sun. Can tulips grow in a semi shady area?

I am going to dig out my Hosta in the front yard and make room for something new in the spring. I have a few ideas of what I want to do to the front. I am going to be busy. I also want to paint the garage door and the porch before the winter sets in.

Glen is working on the basement and making some good progress.... hopefully before it gets too cold out, it will be ready so the kids will have a place to let loose without destroeying the living room. I have no doubt it will be the way Glen and Mark are working on it. I think he has one more mud day then we can start painting. Yea!!

So that is my update... hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather that we have been getting.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just when I start to feel better....

I start feeling worse again.

My head is going to explode. I just caved and took some tylonol cold daytime stuff so I can make it through today.
This is ridiculous. I just want to feel better, i am getting my rest, eating and drinking my vitamin C... washing my hands, washing the house... I just want to feel better... please!!! Sometime.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pics of the girl.

Yesterday Helyn and I brought Sophie for a walk and ended up at the park.
Luckily for me, i had my camera and I got a couple good pics.
She wasn't feeling well so I was lucky to get even one good one.
Poor baby just was miserable, she wanted me to take her for a walk using the wagon. LOL

Fun in the swings

Throwing rocks

My little Solem diva

Sunday, September 21, 2008

2 more sick.

Yesterday had to be the worst sick day for me.
My head felt like it was going to explode and I was dizzy and feeling just generally horrible.
Glen was working and Liam slept over at his friend Kyle's so I had to be the primary caregiver for my kids. Oh it was horrible.
I managed to feed, clothe and go out for a bit first thing in the morning. We hit a garage sale ( got some toys for Helyn's kitchen and Aidan got a yo yo) and then I turned on Helyn's favorite movie so I could lay down as it hit me pretty hard. I slept off and on on the couch while she played with Aidan for a bit, then the delivery people came and brought my new front loading washer ( woo hoo for me!)

Liam wanted to stay at Kyle's a while longer, so me, Aidan and Helyn went to Timmy's for lunch and I picked up a cute dress ( thanks mom) for Helyn and she picked out a turtle webkinz ( thanks Bob and Robin) with her birthday money. I will post pics later.

I must have over did it as I got worse over the afternoon. Glen got home around 6 and I was in bed at 730 for the night. I felt so bad leaving the family that early for bed, but I needed to get some rest. Thanks baby. I felt better this morning, not 100% yet.. but better than yesterday.

Now Helyn and Aidan seem to be suffering with it. Pray that no one else gets it or as bad as I had it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meet the Teacher Night.

We met the boys teachers.

Both of the boys are doing great in class. Liam's teacher says he is really good in class. Some times he needs to be reminded to focus ( my daydreamer), but he is a good student she says. She also wanted to point out, they have only been in school 3 weeks now.. how can you really say how a child is doing? He has a good temperment, he is friendly and as far as she can see is pleasant and nice. She also has him in the front row of the class. A good thing as he is a dreamer and needs to focus. LOL.

Aidan is doing well too. She has no qualms about him. He is right where he needs to be and is friendly and has lots of friends. He is reading well, and writing well.

The kids had fun showing us around and talking with their friends.

Not feeling great.

I hab a cold!!!

I hate this.

I went to the dentist on Monday and I could feel it stuffing up. Each day this week feels like the worst. It keeps getting worse, with different symptoms each day. It feels like its in my sinus's now.

Not fun.

The kids are good. Helyn went poo last night finally.. I think it was 6 days since her last one. She waited until I put on her night time diaper, and went then. This morning she went again before she came downstairs. It was so full and so hard. She really has to go more often.

It is more of a control thing for her I think. She didn't have an issue with constipation until we started potty training. She went twice a day before no problems, now we are lucky if its once a week.

I am so tired. The weather is so cold. Tonight we have to go to the boy's open house at school. Well, we don't have to go, but I would like to meet Liam's teacher. I have met Aidan's ( she was Liam's teacher for jr Kindergarten and grade 1), but he wants to show me around his class. So yea.. Tired.. want to just sleep this cold away.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yea Tuesday.

What a day.

Helyn hit the back of her head on a brick wall at the school while we were waiting for the bus to leave. It was a huge goose egg and was bleeding a tad. It stopped as quickly as it started so I didn't think it needed stitches.
We watched it all morning and her temperament didn't get any worse so we went about our day as normal.

The kids were pretty good today. Liam is feeling overwhelmed with the amount of homework he has. They have to hand it in on Thursdays so that only leaves 3 days for it to be completed. We skipped last night because we had a little celebration for Helyn so it had to be done tonight and tomorrow. He finally buckled down and did it all tonight so he could just go over his spelling words the next couple days before his Dictation on Friday.

Aidan was accessed for his reading by his teacher and he is in the normal range for grade 1 !!! I was very excited!! I am glad he is in the average, I was worried he was a little behind. We have been working hard at it the last month before school got in, so looks like it paid off. His confidence with school is coming, but we still have a long way to go. Slowly and steady is all I want for him. He is a good boy.

Helyn had been alright. We are still having poop issues. She still only goes once a week if we are lucky. She eats enough fiber, drinks enough water and juice ( within the toddler guidelines for juice) and we keep her milk limited to the bottom amount of servings. Its a mystery. I think I might asked her to be referred to a specialist if this continues for another few months. The potty training is going great, she has been pooping in the potty.. but it doesn't happen enough for it not to be strenuous on her when she goes.

Here are some pics from today.




Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Helyn.

My baby girl is 3 today.
Where did the time go?

I took today off from the daycare kids so I could spend some quality time with her, and it turned out to be mostly in the car as I needed to see Uncle Stu to fix my teeth * insert roll eyes here*. Daddy took her out while i was getting that done and we went out for lunch at East Sides.

We made her favorite meal of Pogo's and French Fries for dinner and had a cake.

Thanks to every one who called today to wish her a happy birthday. Sorry she wouldn't talk. LOL

Here are some pics from her last few birthdays.

The day she was born


Her 1st birthday


Her Second


And tonight with Daddy


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Second Birthday

Originally uploaded by mom2lah
She hated her birthday last year.. but loved the cake.

Here are a couple examples of Helyn and her party phobia

Her first birthday

Helyn's 1st birthday (1)

Her second birthday.
She is not freaking out.. but she is not happy either. She wouldn't let go of her balloons.


Helyn's Party.

Well we survived with no tears during the party. Yea!!
For those of you who don't know, Helyn has had a hard time with party's for the last 2 years. Something about the singing or something..

So anyways. We had a smaller party today. Just 2 of her friends and a few neighbour friends who she feels close to. She got spoiled.
So many things. I am glad we kept the party small.. WOW. Thanks everyone who came. She is chilling out on the chair now watching her movie, I expect her to fall asleep at any moment now.

Here are a few pics.

Opening presents



Her cake, A Dairy queen ice cream cake.


Opening a card that Daddy picked out for her. A singing one.




Saturday, September 13, 2008

Survived the week.

It was quite the week. Just glad its over.
Helyn's party is tomorrow. We are having a tea party for her since its her favorite thing to do right now.
We are getting a dairy queen ice cream cake, serving coffee and tea ( and ice tea and juice), sandwiches and a veggie tray. I asked the boys if they would help serve the girls. LOL They don't mind.
We are keeping it quiet. We invited 2 of her friends and a few adult friends so its not too overwhelming for her.

I had a talk with Aidan's teacher on Thursday and she said that Aidan is a joy in class, he likes to help and is doing well so far. I guess as long as he is being the way he is at home and not at school, then i don't have to worry? He seems to be doing ok this week.

Liam is doing ok too. I think he is starting to hit some growing pains as he has little tantrums when things don't go his way or he is over tired. Nothing that can't be contained or helped with a hug.. but I can forsee big trouble with him in the teen years. LOL.

Helyn has had a good week too. She is so happy to have her daddy home. She is so girlie and silly. When we make jokes with her, she covers her mouth and does this little giggle. Its so cute.

Its been great having Glen back home. I haven't been feeling the greatest this week so I feel bad that I haven't had a lot of time with him. I must be getting a cold or something. He has been great though. Last night he came home with my favorite specialty coffee and some alcohol! LOL. It was quite funny and wonderful.

Glen has developed a taste for drinking. He doesn't over do it, but the other night I think we both had a bad day and had a drink with dinner to unwind. It was very relaxing, we snuggled on the couch and had our drink. Helps melt away the stress for sure.

* just a side note* Glen hasn't drank really since before we started dating 15 years ago.

So yea.. there is our update. I will post some party pics tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here are some pics I took the last couple of days.
Glen bought Helyn a butterfly costume while he was in Colorado. She loves it!
My little bug. LOL


Here is the back. I have to get the security tag off though. Our friend Crash recommended a magnet.


Aidan seemed to go to school easier this morning. He still didn't want to go, but was in better spirits anyways. I wrote a note to his teacher asking how he is in class and I mentioned that he shys away from knowing the answer if he feels singled out. I asked her to let me know if anything becomes problematic as well.

Liam is good. He had a few off days in the couple of days, but I think it is because they were getting up Super early all weekend and staying up late. I got him a new book yesterday too and he is already done. What a good reader he is.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A must read.

I am sure Aidan read this book at school when he started 3 years ago.
Its called the Kissing Hand.

I just finished reading it and I was in tears. Oh I am a suck. It was a good book and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. It helps make a scary situation easier to handle by doing something simple as Kissing a Hand and telling a child to press it to his cheek when he needs to feel some love from mommy. Getting teary just thinking of it.

I ordered it last week and it came in today, a perfect day. Aidan this morning was telling me he didn't want to go to school. He was going to miss me and playing with his friends and toys. I gave him a big hug and told him that he had to go and that we would have some special snuggle time when he came home. Now I have a perfect thing to do with him.

I love this little man so much and he has so much love in him. It hurts me to hear him say that he isn't happy.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to Basics.

Glen got home last night around 830. The kids were so happy to see him. Big Hugs and lots of cuddles.

He brought the boys each a shirt and Helyn a butterfly costume. She loves it. It has little socks and a hat complete with wings. She is adorable in it.

My last day care child started school today. So on Monday's and Wednesday's I only have 3 during the day. Is it ever quiet. But the kids are happy. We spent the morning at the park, had an early lunch and they are having quiet time now.. or winding down for it.

Our friend Mark came over a few days this week to help Glen get the basement finished. I am stressing over it being done. This is our 3rd deadline and I just want it done. I had hoped to have it done by summer so that the big kids would have a place to play while the young ones rested, that didnt happen. I wanted it done by the time the kids started school so the younger kids would have a place to play while the older ones did their homework.... still not done.

So I am stressing.I need to have this space done so I have a day care space.
Its coming though. It is actually resembling a room now. They have the halls and stairs to do now, the floor and the lights, then its done. Oh it will be nice. 2 years we have been without the extra space and I want it now. LOL

Sunday, September 7, 2008

He Should be landing in Ottawa soon.

Glen called me just after 5 to tell us he was back in Canada.
So hopefully he will be home around 8ish.

Its going to be nice seeing him.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ladies night.

Last night I invited over a few friends to celebrate me staying alive until the end of the week with Glen being gone. It was so needed.
The boys slept over at their friend Steven's house ( thanks Kelly) and Helyn was here so it was all girls.
We had some drinks, ate some food, chatted, laughed, played video games.
It was a great time. We all really enjoyed ourselves i think.

Today was my spa day. It was great. I got a manicure, pedicure, facial and makeup done. The girl was really nice and I look good. Too bad Glen isn't home before I have to wash it off.

My makeover

And here is a cute pic of Ms Helyn that I took tonight.

Cover Girl

Glen is home tomorrow night. He has been enjoying himself In Colorado. Hope he likes being back home. We miss you bay.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lonely wife, needs her hubby.

Its Thursday, 3 more sleeps till Glen comes home.

Its been a long day. The kids have been good mind you and the weather has been great.
I just wish Glen were home tonight.

The boys are sleeping over at a friends tomorrow night and I have a couple girlfriends coming over for drinks so it will be nice to have some company.
I will still have Helyn so I won't be over doing it.

Glen arranged something nice for me before he left. He asked my neighbour Lena to book me an afternoon at the spa and she will watch the kids. I believe I am getting a massage, pedicure, manicure and my hair done. I think. The lady is calling me tomorrow to confirm. I will be needing that on Saturday for sure. Thanks Baby.

School is going ok. Aidan tells me the only thing he likes about school is snack, recess, lunch and gym. LOL. We are going to have to change that.

Liam has been really wanting his independance this week, but at the same time he wants his mommy time. We have been letting him walk to school ahead of us. I leave 10 minutes after he does so he can have his " I'm a big boy" moment.

Helyn has been doing great on the potty. She had her first pee accident in a long time today. We picked up the kids from school and she fell and then she had an accident. Poor baby. I cleaned her up and told her it was ok. My big girl.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Its too hot to go to school.

Its been in the 30's the last couple of days. I think its cruel to send the kids to school and even crueller that we have to pick them up at 3 pm in the height of the heat.

Aidan really doesn't like going to school and each time someone asks him about it, he gets all sulky. Sigh. What am i going to do with him? or for him?

Liam has been ok. He was a little upset that we all left with him to go to school today. He wants to go by himself and walk by his self. He doesn't want anyone to walk with him. Mr. Big Stuff.
I told him tomorrow he could leave 5 minutes before us so he could have his alone time. He is ok with that.

Helyn oh Helyn. She has been super sucky lately too. She tells me she wants to go to school too and go on the bus. Its not fair that everyone else can go.. I understand.. Liam and Aidan both went through this. One more year baby girl.

I started planning her party for the 14th. She really likes tea parties lately so we are going to have a real one. I am going to make sandwiches with the crusts cut off, we are going to make cookies and cakes together and have ice tea in a tea pot that she can pour for her guests. We are only inviting 2 young friends, her Nana and Papa and Lena and Mitch so its not too overwhelming for her.

4 more sleeps until Glen is home. He emailed me yesterday and the plane landed ok. I haven't heard from him since, but he has his courses so I suppose he should do those first. Wish we had texting or something at these points. I miss him. The kids miss him.

I forgot to update about the boys at school.

The first day of school went really well.
They did not come home with homework and they were pretty happy with their teachers.

Aidan however had a problem with one of the kids in his class who was hurting one of his friends. We talked about what to do if that happened again. He is to tell them to stop hurting using his words and if nothing happens, get the teacher on duty to help. He has it in his mind that he has to go after the other child, and I do not want him getting involved in the fight if it has nothing to do with him.

He has such a big heart.

Last night was a little crazy. Glen is gone to Colorado for work until Sunday so I am a single parent this week. It is trying, but I am working it. I was up till 10 last night just making lunches for today and tidying up. I slept like the dead last night for sure.

Here are some pics of the kids last night that we took for Daddy.

The boys hamming it up

Night of the 2nd (12)

Night of the 2nd (6)


Night of the 2nd (13)


Night of the 2nd (10)

Helyn in mommy and daddy's bed

Night of the 2nd (7)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cleaning Litter

She offered, so I let her.

Picking up poo

Picking up poo

But then I made sure she washed her hands

Happy and Clean

Helyn hand washing

Time for School Time for school!

Well today is the first day of school for the boys!!!!


I took it better this year than I did last year. Oh I am so excited!

Aidan was pretty good. We had a talk this weekend about what is going to happen with school and what the routine will be. I promised him that if he gets all of his homework done, he can have time on his video game every day. He is pretty happy about that.

Liam was to the moon about going back to school and wearing his new clothes. Its too bad its going to be so hot today. He wanted to wear those jeans!! Sigh. Its starting isnt it?

Helyn wanted to go today too. She wants so bad to go on the school bus. I am seriously considering putting her in Caldwell school which is the French Immersion school just so she can go on the bus. LOL Is that bad?

So here are some pics. I will update on their day later after dinner.

Mr Liam... 3rd Grade this year. His Teacher is Mrs. Paul. Luckily he is in a straight grade 3 class this year.

First day of school (2)

Mr. Aidan 1st Grade this year. He has Mrs White as a Teacher.. she is amazing and I am glad he has her.

First day of school (3)

The brothers

First day of school (5)

Helyn with Aidan giving him a goodbye hug

First day of school (13)

Helyn and Emily

First day of school (14)

The 2 girls after i told them to put their heads up so I could get a better picture. LOL

First day of school (15)

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