Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Helyn.

My baby girl is 3 today.
Where did the time go?

I took today off from the daycare kids so I could spend some quality time with her, and it turned out to be mostly in the car as I needed to see Uncle Stu to fix my teeth * insert roll eyes here*. Daddy took her out while i was getting that done and we went out for lunch at East Sides.

We made her favorite meal of Pogo's and French Fries for dinner and had a cake.

Thanks to every one who called today to wish her a happy birthday. Sorry she wouldn't talk. LOL

Here are some pics from her last few birthdays.

The day she was born


Her 1st birthday


Her Second


And tonight with Daddy



Tabatha said...

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl. Chris I bet you want to cry, no longer she Helyn a baby...bitter sweet day.

Tabatha said...

I meant to say no longer is she a longer she Helyn a baby...bitter sweet day....opppss.

Christine said...

LOL tabatha!
I understood what you meant the first time.

I know.. I can't believe she is no longer a baby.

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