Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time for School Time for school!

Well today is the first day of school for the boys!!!!


I took it better this year than I did last year. Oh I am so excited!

Aidan was pretty good. We had a talk this weekend about what is going to happen with school and what the routine will be. I promised him that if he gets all of his homework done, he can have time on his video game every day. He is pretty happy about that.

Liam was to the moon about going back to school and wearing his new clothes. Its too bad its going to be so hot today. He wanted to wear those jeans!! Sigh. Its starting isnt it?

Helyn wanted to go today too. She wants so bad to go on the school bus. I am seriously considering putting her in Caldwell school which is the French Immersion school just so she can go on the bus. LOL Is that bad?

So here are some pics. I will update on their day later after dinner.

Mr Liam... 3rd Grade this year. His Teacher is Mrs. Paul. Luckily he is in a straight grade 3 class this year.

First day of school (2)

Mr. Aidan 1st Grade this year. He has Mrs White as a Teacher.. she is amazing and I am glad he has her.

First day of school (3)

The brothers

First day of school (5)

Helyn with Aidan giving him a goodbye hug

First day of school (13)

Helyn and Emily

First day of school (14)

The 2 girls after i told them to put their heads up so I could get a better picture. LOL

First day of school (15)

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