Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meet the Teacher Night.

We met the boys teachers.

Both of the boys are doing great in class. Liam's teacher says he is really good in class. Some times he needs to be reminded to focus ( my daydreamer), but he is a good student she says. She also wanted to point out, they have only been in school 3 weeks now.. how can you really say how a child is doing? He has a good temperment, he is friendly and as far as she can see is pleasant and nice. She also has him in the front row of the class. A good thing as he is a dreamer and needs to focus. LOL.

Aidan is doing well too. She has no qualms about him. He is right where he needs to be and is friendly and has lots of friends. He is reading well, and writing well.

The kids had fun showing us around and talking with their friends.

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Tabatha said...

Both boys sond like they are doing great....;)

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