Friday, September 26, 2008


I say this every friday and every Friday I mean it. LOL

I only had Helyn and Waylon this afternoon so we went out on a nice long walk to see the pretty fall colours and go on an adventure.

It was pretty refreshing just to have the bigger kids. I did however miss the quiet time of having the younger kids. They played hard today.

Tonight Liam is sleeping at Steven's and we just have Aidan and Helyn. Tomorrow Glen and Liam are going to see the Sens play the Habs, so again, I will just have Helyn and Aidan tomorrow night.

Seems like all the days blend into each other lately.

I am feeling a little better.. but my sinus' are still stuffed or I have pressure in them. I wonder if its allergies.. I have never had them before.. why would they start now?? It could be enviromental factors... for instance.. the construction going on around us... but yea.

Here are a few pics I took today.

Pollen Jock

Bee in action.

I found a dead mole on the side of the road. Poor thing.

The Mole.

Helyn was all tired out from our walk.. and well she was up since 430 this morning. yea... it was a coffee day.

Sleeping Helyn.


~Chele said...

YES, TGIF!!!! What a fun day though! A nice end to a Friday!

~Chele said...

Oh I forgot! I LOVE THE BEE PICTURE! Awesome Chris!

Tabatha said...

Yes TGIF...enjoy your weekend for sure. Will you get to sleep in?
Yes the Bee picture is great...little last of summer.

Christine said...

Thanks ladies. I saw them out and doing their jobs yesterday and I had to snap. It was hard to get him into focus.. but when I landed it.. it was perfect.

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