Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lonely wife, needs her hubby.

Its Thursday, 3 more sleeps till Glen comes home.

Its been a long day. The kids have been good mind you and the weather has been great.
I just wish Glen were home tonight.

The boys are sleeping over at a friends tomorrow night and I have a couple girlfriends coming over for drinks so it will be nice to have some company.
I will still have Helyn so I won't be over doing it.

Glen arranged something nice for me before he left. He asked my neighbour Lena to book me an afternoon at the spa and she will watch the kids. I believe I am getting a massage, pedicure, manicure and my hair done. I think. The lady is calling me tomorrow to confirm. I will be needing that on Saturday for sure. Thanks Baby.

School is going ok. Aidan tells me the only thing he likes about school is snack, recess, lunch and gym. LOL. We are going to have to change that.

Liam has been really wanting his independance this week, but at the same time he wants his mommy time. We have been letting him walk to school ahead of us. I leave 10 minutes after he does so he can have his " I'm a big boy" moment.

Helyn has been doing great on the potty. She had her first pee accident in a long time today. We picked up the kids from school and she fell and then she had an accident. Poor baby. I cleaned her up and told her it was ok. My big girl.

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