Thursday, September 25, 2008

Helyn's new dress.

My mom sent up money for Helyn's birthday.
We have been eyeing this dress for a couple of weeks and I loved it so much we got it last weekend.
Its a little big on her, but we just roll up the sleeves and there you go.
It is guarenteed not to shrink.



We went to playgroup today for the first time this fall. The kids did pretty well. Mine are usually the ones who start the other kids running around the room during song and story time but not this time. I warned them ahead of time that they would only have 2 chances or we would have to leave. We ended up having to leave after Helyn and Waylon took off during 2 songs but they understood as they were warned.

I have been putting off going as the weather has been gorgeous the last 2 weeks so we have been at the park instead, which we went to after we dropped the kids off at school as we had an hour before group started. Anyways.. they were good. I am proud of them... we have some work to do to get them to sit and listen.. but yea.. mine weren't the only ones this time.




Tabatha said...

Helyn is such a stunning girl, love the dress and pictures.

~Chele said...

OMG I LOVE THAT DRESS!!!! I want one for Amelia! She is beautiful!

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