Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A must read.

I am sure Aidan read this book at school when he started 3 years ago.
Its called the Kissing Hand.

I just finished reading it and I was in tears. Oh I am a suck. It was a good book and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. It helps make a scary situation easier to handle by doing something simple as Kissing a Hand and telling a child to press it to his cheek when he needs to feel some love from mommy. Getting teary just thinking of it.

I ordered it last week and it came in today, a perfect day. Aidan this morning was telling me he didn't want to go to school. He was going to miss me and playing with his friends and toys. I gave him a big hug and told him that he had to go and that we would have some special snuggle time when he came home. Now I have a perfect thing to do with him.

I love this little man so much and he has so much love in him. It hurts me to hear him say that he isn't happy.

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