Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here are some pics I took the last couple of days.
Glen bought Helyn a butterfly costume while he was in Colorado. She loves it!
My little bug. LOL


Here is the back. I have to get the security tag off though. Our friend Crash recommended a magnet.


Aidan seemed to go to school easier this morning. He still didn't want to go, but was in better spirits anyways. I wrote a note to his teacher asking how he is in class and I mentioned that he shys away from knowing the answer if he feels singled out. I asked her to let me know if anything becomes problematic as well.

Liam is good. He had a few off days in the couple of days, but I think it is because they were getting up Super early all weekend and staying up late. I got him a new book yesterday too and he is already done. What a good reader he is.

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