Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Its too hot to go to school.

Its been in the 30's the last couple of days. I think its cruel to send the kids to school and even crueller that we have to pick them up at 3 pm in the height of the heat.

Aidan really doesn't like going to school and each time someone asks him about it, he gets all sulky. Sigh. What am i going to do with him? or for him?

Liam has been ok. He was a little upset that we all left with him to go to school today. He wants to go by himself and walk by his self. He doesn't want anyone to walk with him. Mr. Big Stuff.
I told him tomorrow he could leave 5 minutes before us so he could have his alone time. He is ok with that.

Helyn oh Helyn. She has been super sucky lately too. She tells me she wants to go to school too and go on the bus. Its not fair that everyone else can go.. I understand.. Liam and Aidan both went through this. One more year baby girl.

I started planning her party for the 14th. She really likes tea parties lately so we are going to have a real one. I am going to make sandwiches with the crusts cut off, we are going to make cookies and cakes together and have ice tea in a tea pot that she can pour for her guests. We are only inviting 2 young friends, her Nana and Papa and Lena and Mitch so its not too overwhelming for her.

4 more sleeps until Glen is home. He emailed me yesterday and the plane landed ok. I haven't heard from him since, but he has his courses so I suppose he should do those first. Wish we had texting or something at these points. I miss him. The kids miss him.

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