Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I forgot to update about the boys at school.

The first day of school went really well.
They did not come home with homework and they were pretty happy with their teachers.

Aidan however had a problem with one of the kids in his class who was hurting one of his friends. We talked about what to do if that happened again. He is to tell them to stop hurting using his words and if nothing happens, get the teacher on duty to help. He has it in his mind that he has to go after the other child, and I do not want him getting involved in the fight if it has nothing to do with him.

He has such a big heart.

Last night was a little crazy. Glen is gone to Colorado for work until Sunday so I am a single parent this week. It is trying, but I am working it. I was up till 10 last night just making lunches for today and tidying up. I slept like the dead last night for sure.

Here are some pics of the kids last night that we took for Daddy.

The boys hamming it up

Night of the 2nd (12)

Night of the 2nd (6)


Night of the 2nd (13)


Night of the 2nd (10)

Helyn in mommy and daddy's bed

Night of the 2nd (7)

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