Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to Basics.

Glen got home last night around 830. The kids were so happy to see him. Big Hugs and lots of cuddles.

He brought the boys each a shirt and Helyn a butterfly costume. She loves it. It has little socks and a hat complete with wings. She is adorable in it.

My last day care child started school today. So on Monday's and Wednesday's I only have 3 during the day. Is it ever quiet. But the kids are happy. We spent the morning at the park, had an early lunch and they are having quiet time now.. or winding down for it.

Our friend Mark came over a few days this week to help Glen get the basement finished. I am stressing over it being done. This is our 3rd deadline and I just want it done. I had hoped to have it done by summer so that the big kids would have a place to play while the young ones rested, that didnt happen. I wanted it done by the time the kids started school so the younger kids would have a place to play while the older ones did their homework.... still not done.

So I am stressing.I need to have this space done so I have a day care space.
Its coming though. It is actually resembling a room now. They have the halls and stairs to do now, the floor and the lights, then its done. Oh it will be nice. 2 years we have been without the extra space and I want it now. LOL

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