Tuesday, September 30, 2008


That is what this wet, cold weather is making us feel like.
Its horrible, dark and grey and wet... so what can we do? Stay inside and do crafts, watch movies.. this sucks.
I want to be outside playing with the kids.
Nothing much to report the last few days.

We are getting ready for Aidan's birthday sleepover this weekend. His friends Ty and Sam will be sleeping over this weekend because we are going to Hamilton the weekend of his birthday ( it lands on Thanksgiving weekend again this year) to see my sister and take them to the Toronto Zoo ( the kids don't know about that yet... a big surprise). I hope they enjoy it. I think they are still all the right ages to find the fun in animals. Don't worry i will take lots of pics.

We didn't get to do anything Sunday as Glen had some work to do on the basement and on his skidoo. The boys played around the neighbourhood with the kids and Helyn and I did some cleaning and playing here. Oh well.. every weekend doesn't have to be eventful I suppose.

I have to go get my driver's license.

Aidan is doing super well in school this year. He was calculated to be a level six when he started school this fall and it now reading level 9 books with ease. Very proud of him.

Liam is doing well too. Grade 3 has lots of homework so I think he is a little overwhelmed with that, but he is trying and succeeding.

The boys both start skating lessons on the 20th of October. They know how to stay up, but they need to work on skating without help. Liam wants to play hockey, but he needs to learn skating first of course.

Helyn... oh Helyn... LOL. My little Diva. Nothing new to report on her. She is still only having BM's once a week but at least she is going on the potty for them. She enjoys playing imaginary play stuff with little characters and always wants me to play with her. She loves her rocket, cars and has a little stethoscope she calls Grandma Rocket LOL I have to get a picture of her with it.. very cute.


The Burger Blog said...

I hate dreary days...we are having one here too, and of course knowing that the good weather is coming to an end.

Sounds like the boys are doing well in school. Have you talked to the dr about her bm's? They had to put Braeden on Miralax around the same age and it helped a lot. He was having accidents because when he would go it hurt, therefore holding it longer and making the cycle even worse...ugh! TMI, I know.

Christine said...

I have talked to our Nurse practioner and she said that she thinks its more of a control thing for Helyn. We are on the watch for her and we did have her on a few things before and it wasn't making her go anymore or less than before.

I have tried almost everything. I took her off of dairy and products for almost a month with no change, I used a child safe laxitive, I used mineral oil, she has enough fiber to kill a horse, she eats mostly fruits and veggies... Its a mystery.

I appreciate the feedback.. I will let you know when and if we do more tests.

Tabatha said...

The boys sound like their doing well...Hockey sounds fun.
At some point Helyn will figure out that she needs to go poop more than 1 time every 5 days. I hope that happens soon as you would think her tummy would hurt.

Christine said...

Oh I know her tummy hurts. She sits there around day 3 and 4 and you know she wants to go, but she holds it. Glen ( my hubby) I am told was the same way.

Helyn has had 3 pee accidents today. Its not like her to have them, but i have had to change her 3 times now and clean up the floor 3 times. Lord help me.

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