Tuesday, September 30, 2008

well she pooped.

We were leaving early so the kids could play in the field at the school for a while before the other kids got out of school when Helyn pooed in her diaper.

I usually don't put one on her but I thought with all the accidents today that something was up and I was happy that I listened to my instincts.

Sorry if TMI but it was huge. I changed her before we left and then she pooed again on the way to school. Let's say she is feeling much better now.

I feel like this is a big repeat with Aidan and potty training. He would poo almost every day but it was dramatic and he would run around like his little butt was on fire for half the day before he would go.

I am tired and stressed and need a break from this. She doesn't like to wear diapers normally and fights me when I put them on her at night most of the time... so yea.. I just don't know what to do.

Oh.. and we got rained on the whole walk there and back. I should have taken my neighbour Lena's offer to keep them home so she could get them. I didn't listen to that instinct.

Shaking my head... I need some wine and a bath and a week off.

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Tabatha said...

Yes poop. I bet she felt better

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