Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not feeling great.

I hab a cold!!!

I hate this.

I went to the dentist on Monday and I could feel it stuffing up. Each day this week feels like the worst. It keeps getting worse, with different symptoms each day. It feels like its in my sinus's now.

Not fun.

The kids are good. Helyn went poo last night finally.. I think it was 6 days since her last one. She waited until I put on her night time diaper, and went then. This morning she went again before she came downstairs. It was so full and so hard. She really has to go more often.

It is more of a control thing for her I think. She didn't have an issue with constipation until we started potty training. She went twice a day before no problems, now we are lucky if its once a week.

I am so tired. The weather is so cold. Tonight we have to go to the boy's open house at school. Well, we don't have to go, but I would like to meet Liam's teacher. I have met Aidan's ( she was Liam's teacher for jr Kindergarten and grade 1), but he wants to show me around his class. So yea.. Tired.. want to just sleep this cold away.

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Tabatha said...

Hope your feeling better today? It's so hard when you feel like poop. Speaking of poop, glad Helyn finally took a poop after 6 days. Feel better Chris, hugs.

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