Friday, February 27, 2009

Liam's birthday Dinner

His Dinner guests


Little sisters??








The cake


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Its official

I have a 9 year old.
He and Aidan woke up at 6 this morning. I don't know why i remind him that he was born at 610 am.

So yea.. he had breakfast and then his announcement went on the TV.

The birthday Boy

After school he will bring home his friends and we will have a little birthday dinner for him since he decided to forego the party this year.

The birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Liam.

Aidan is sick. He has a fever so he will be home resting all day today. Poor little guy.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Liam.

Wish I had had a digital Camera 9 years ago, but I didn't so Here is a picture of him at 10 months.


I can't believe that in a few short hours my little man is going to be 9.

We have a day full of little surprises for him. He knows about a few and doesn't about the other ones.

We filled his bedroom floor with balloons so when he wakes up he has to get around them.

I made his cake tonight.. it was his idea about what to make, glen gave me some creative input as well.. i hope he likes it.

Tomorrow he is having afew friends over for dinner then Daddy is taking him to the Sens vs San Jose game and he will have a birthday greeting on the Jumbo tron.

Also if you can catch A Channel Ottawa there will be a birthday greeting from us as well at 715ish.

So here is his cake and some pics from today



Helyn after she helped lick the bowl

Cake batter face


Happy Birthday Liam.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh My Gawd!!

OK, so the root canal was a walk in the park compared to the rest of the day.

Liam is sick. He has a pretty bad cold. HE went to school this morning and feels worse tonight. I think he will be staying home tomorrow.

Our friend Crash had emergency surgery today. She is fine, but it was pretty crazy chaotic for a few hours. We went up to the hospital to sit with Mark while we waited for her to get out.

On our way home, Glen and I were chatting about how this one section of highway has black ice when we witnessed a car skid and fly into the ditch. Glen jumped out right away and ran to the young girl while I called 911. A police officer was there before I got through. The poor girl flipped her car. She had the whole enchilada there. The officer sent us on our way as Glen was freezing and full of snow.

So yea... can today get anymore action packed?

Feel better quickly Crash.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

ok..... its Murphy's law isnt it?

Helyn has her refferal.
She has went poo 3 times this week without any intervention.
I am baffled... but I am counting my blessings.

Today is a busy day.

Aidan just returned from him friend Ethan's party, Liam is at his friend Vanessa's party, Colby will be arriving around 3 for Liam's birthday Sleepover and then I will be heading out for a ladies party this evening.


Friday, February 20, 2009

We have our refferal.

Helyn's appointment is on the 9th of March in Smith Falls at 1045 am.
Yee Haw.
I am not cancelling it. LOL

Thursday, February 19, 2009

7 more days

Until Liam turns 9.
I don't feel old enough to have a 9 year old.

He is having his friend Colby sleep over on Saturday night. We are going to have snacky foods and the dessert pizza as his birthday cake.

We have 2 birthday parties to attend on Saturday.. Aidan has Ethan's at 1130 and Liam has his friend Vanessa's at 1. Then Colby will be coming over around 3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I have my root Canal on Monday at 720 with the dentist in Kanata. I am scared shitless. Not so much of the procedure, but having to keep my mouth open for an hour and a half while they dig and drill and etc.

Our lovely neighbour and surrogate Grandmother Lena is going to watch the kids for us, which means coming over at 645 in the morning. She will bring the boys to school and keep Helyn for the morning so I can rest.

Glen and Liam are at the Canucks game tonight. Oh which reminds me. If anyone gets A Channel Ottawa, There is going to be a birthday announcement for Liam around 720. And during the San Jose game, we have a birthday greeting going up as well. The guy is doing it for free... which is super cool as it is normally 50$ to get a message up.

Oh update on the poop situation... I think it may be resolving itself!!!
Helyn went on Tuesday and Wednesday without any suppository or medicine. She has been sitting longer on the potty and going more frequently too. So we are hopeful but not counting our chickens yet... keep her in your prayers that this is finally just starting to work.

Aidan is doing well. Not much to report really. He is still the snugglemaster 2000 and doing well at school and getting along well with his friends.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family Day at the Museum of Nature

Yesterday our friend's Kirsten, Andrew, Anna and Dave invited us to the museum of Nature in Ottawa. The boys had a great time!! Helyn not so much. It was off and on with her.

They have been remodelling since the last time we were there so its cleaner and brighter than what we remembered.

Family day at the Nature Museum (2)

Family day at the Nature Museum (3)

Family day at the Nature Museum (7)

Family day at the Nature Museum (10)

Family day at the Nature Museum (11)

Family day at the Nature Museum (12)

Family day at the Nature Museum (15)

Family day at the Nature Museum (19)

Family day at the Nature Museum (20)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have a tooth abcess.
Can I say oh SHIT?
So I have an appointmend for a root canal on the 23rd at 720 in the AM.
I am to keep taking the antibiotics and tylonol and advil as needed.

Yea for me.

Still waiting to hear for the referral appointment for Helyn. I meant to say before that the dr was amazing and tried really hard to settle Helyn, she just wasn't going for it.

Me and Glen went out for dinner tonight after the appointment. Our neighbour Lena watched the kids for us and told us to take our time so we did. She got Helyn in the bath... kicking and screaming mind you, but she is clean. THANKS LENA! LOL
The kids were good for her and the boys even cleaned their room.

So yea... I think that is all for now. I am tired... my mouth is still sore... I may have to go to bed soon.

Helyn's appointment.

Didn't go so well.
First of all she didn't want to go see the dr.
She screamed all the way down the hall.
He tried to do a magic trick for her and she screamed some more.. then he told me I could bring her to daddy in the lobby.
So we talked and he is going to refer me to the gastrointestinal ped.

yea... he is baffled too.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Need Help!!!

Liam's birthday is coming in in 2 weeks.

( my baby is going to be 9!!!!! CRAZY!!)

Anyways. The local station does birthday announcements and I am having a hard time picking a photo.

I need help!!

My pics are here... but if its easier, I can post them

I don't them to be too embarassing for him... Sigh.. such a hard age.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Starting to feel betrter.

I went to the Er on Saturday night due to my mouth being in agony.
I have an infection so they gave me some different antibiotics and some pain killers to help at night.
I think I am finally starting to feel better today. My energy is coming back and my mouth isn't in horrible pain. The swelling is going down too. I have an appointment on Wednesday evening to get looked at by the dentist.

Helyn went potty yesterday. No suppository but a good dose of the lactulose helped.Her appointment is on Wednesday morning with the doctor.

We brought the boys skating yesterday afternoon. It was my first time on skates in over 15 or more years. I didn't do too bad. I thought I would have fallen more.. but I kept my composure. My skates are too small now though. I need a new pair.
The boys are doing so well lately with skating. Very proud of them.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I need help.

Helyn is giving us big problems lately.
It is like she is another person.
She constantly fights us, and says Leave me Alone, Don't you talk to me, and other favorite phrases.

(I admit, I taught her Cut It Out with the hand gestures when I try to get her to stop things and now she says it with Authority and without the gestures.. although I could see using a single finger gesture. LOL)

She is fighting us Tooth and Nail when it comes to bedtime. First she told us it was her bed, she doesn't like her bed. We moved her bed and put a mattress on the floor for now. It worked for one night.. now we are back to her not wanting to be in her room. I believed it played out for over an hour last night.

I had to walk away and think about what I was doing last night. I was picking her up and putting her back on the bed she didn't want to be on, and walking out the door wit her screaming over and over again.

After the umpteenth time, I thought, how is this looking to her? Mommy is getting angrier and angrier and picking me up and putting me on the bed when I don't want to be on it and then running away.... It just broke my heart. So I put her back on the bed and I kept my tone quiet and comforting and stroked her hair until she calmed down. She finally settled and fell asleep.

Right now... These are the things she makes the biggest deal about.

She wont take a bath, or a shower for that matter. She was taking a shower, but only if you held her while you were cleaning her. Now she doesn't want one at all.

She doesn't want to go bed.

She doesn't want to use the big toilet.

She will only use the little blue potty ( if I am lucky) 2-3 times a day even though she should be peeing 20 times a day with all the liquid she has.

She is still not pooing.

She refuses to eat her dinner most of the time ( 1 out of 7 nights a week we might get her to eat).

Those are the only things that come to my head at the moment...

But yea... I am going to try to keep my cool and encourage her to do them.. but I don't know how to get her to do them. I was reading up on this book called unconditional parenting. You use love instead of discipline or time outs to encouragae your child to do things. I am on the fence about getting the book and just maybe using some of his ideas that I have read.

I am open to advice here. This girl has way more issues than the boys ever had. LOL

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