Monday, February 9, 2009

Starting to feel betrter.

I went to the Er on Saturday night due to my mouth being in agony.
I have an infection so they gave me some different antibiotics and some pain killers to help at night.
I think I am finally starting to feel better today. My energy is coming back and my mouth isn't in horrible pain. The swelling is going down too. I have an appointment on Wednesday evening to get looked at by the dentist.

Helyn went potty yesterday. No suppository but a good dose of the lactulose helped.Her appointment is on Wednesday morning with the doctor.

We brought the boys skating yesterday afternoon. It was my first time on skates in over 15 or more years. I didn't do too bad. I thought I would have fallen more.. but I kept my composure. My skates are too small now though. I need a new pair.
The boys are doing so well lately with skating. Very proud of them.

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