Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thank goodness.

I am feeling much better today.
Its about time.
My head still hurts from time to time, but not nearly as bad.
Thanks for all the well wishes.. I needed them.. keep me in your thoughts.
There is a nasty virus going around and I hope no one gets it.

Tonight Glen is going to his first Sens Game for this season.
He is bringing our friend Chris so I hope they have a good time. Liam will go with him on Saturday to see Montreal play. I will take tonight to play with the kids for a bit and get caught up on some laundry afterwards.
I should have sent him with my camera.. but of course its an after thought. I will try and remember to give it to him for Saturday's game so he can take pics of Liam.

I was cleaning out the garden a bit this afternoon while the kids played with the toys. It is a mess.. I want to get it ready for the spring... thinking about what I want to plant.. thinking I might get some tulips for Helyn. She really loved them this year. Its hard to plan though.. our trees keep getting bigger so there is more shade and less sun. Can tulips grow in a semi shady area?

I am going to dig out my Hosta in the front yard and make room for something new in the spring. I have a few ideas of what I want to do to the front. I am going to be busy. I also want to paint the garage door and the porch before the winter sets in.

Glen is working on the basement and making some good progress.... hopefully before it gets too cold out, it will be ready so the kids will have a place to let loose without destroeying the living room. I have no doubt it will be the way Glen and Mark are working on it. I think he has one more mud day then we can start painting. Yea!!

So that is my update... hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather that we have been getting.

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Tabatha said...

So glad your feeling better.

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