Sunday, September 21, 2008

2 more sick.

Yesterday had to be the worst sick day for me.
My head felt like it was going to explode and I was dizzy and feeling just generally horrible.
Glen was working and Liam slept over at his friend Kyle's so I had to be the primary caregiver for my kids. Oh it was horrible.
I managed to feed, clothe and go out for a bit first thing in the morning. We hit a garage sale ( got some toys for Helyn's kitchen and Aidan got a yo yo) and then I turned on Helyn's favorite movie so I could lay down as it hit me pretty hard. I slept off and on on the couch while she played with Aidan for a bit, then the delivery people came and brought my new front loading washer ( woo hoo for me!)

Liam wanted to stay at Kyle's a while longer, so me, Aidan and Helyn went to Timmy's for lunch and I picked up a cute dress ( thanks mom) for Helyn and she picked out a turtle webkinz ( thanks Bob and Robin) with her birthday money. I will post pics later.

I must have over did it as I got worse over the afternoon. Glen got home around 6 and I was in bed at 730 for the night. I felt so bad leaving the family that early for bed, but I needed to get some rest. Thanks baby. I felt better this morning, not 100% yet.. but better than yesterday.

Now Helyn and Aidan seem to be suffering with it. Pray that no one else gets it or as bad as I had it.


Noah and Emily said...

the cold has hit our house, Emily with the runny nose and me, the scratchy sore throat before a cold comes on, great!! Jason is gone too..

Tabatha said...

Oh no...I hope everyone ffels better soon.

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