Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another rainy day.

And we are supposed to get more rain tomorrow... aren't I lucky??
I was hoping to get out for a walk this morning with Helyn and Jorian after the kids were dropped off at school, but there is a cold wet rain out there today. Even though I can throw Jorian and Helyn under the stroller cover, I would rather not walk in it myself..

Oh well. Maybe tomorrow if its not too cold.

I started giving her stool softener again this morning. You can really taste it so I give her the dose in a few drinks. I was giving it to her months ago, but I didn't want to affect her potty training until it was better established which it is now so lets nip the poop thing in the bud.

She could taste it in her chocolate milk so I will keep it in her orange juice. I guess it breaks down the taste the best.

We have played trucks, wonder pets and with the castles this morning.

We also made some rice crispie treats... I have some laundry on the go and the dishes are all done. Only 2 more hours until nap time.. if Jorian makes it that long.. he is a little tireder today. ( is that a word).


Northern Voices said...

Guess what? It snowed in Timmins today.

Noah and Emily said...


Have you tried benefibre?? It really helps Noah and instantly. He doesn't get tummy aches from it like he does from prune juice and the best part is, it doesn't change the taste, I have tried it myself.

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