Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sickies everywhere.

I have been on antibiotics since Monday for a bladder infection.

Helyn has been suffering with a cold since Saturday. She is finally drying up and not coughing as much.

Liam came to me last night while I was folding laundry and said he didn't feel well and then got sick shortly there after. I kept him home from school today as he feels like icky poo. He didn't get sick after that, but his energy is very low. I made him lay down in my bed all morning so he could rest. He did get to watch some TV and read some books.

Little Emily who I watch was a little quiet this morning, but playing and having fun. After Lunch while I was cleaning, I turned on one of the kid's favorite shows ( Mr. Maker) and she is fussing with her ear. I ask her if she is ok and she says her ear hurts. Its been hurting all night and all morning. AHHHHHHH.
I called her mom who was home today studying for a work exam and she took her to the hospital. Hoping its nothing serious. Poor girl.

Her little brother has had a runny green nose all week too and super snuggly.

Who is going to get it next. I hate the fall illness season. Believe you me, I will be getting my flu shot next month!


Tabatha said...

Gee you guys are having quite the time being sick...hope everything clears up very soon.

Christine said...

Thanks Tab.

We usually get it pretty hard in the fall with the kids going back to school and etc.

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