Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We are home!

What a weekend.

It started off with Helyn getting a runny nose and coughing the morning we were leaving. The car ride went pretty well. The kids stayed happy and played their video games, or with their toys.

We had our thanksgiving dinner on the Saturday we got to Becky's ( which was also Aidan's birthday). It was great. We had Ham, potatoes, salad and asparagus and for dessert.... Oh dessert!! Ice cream Cake from Dairy Queen, pumpkin pie, a cake Becky baked with a Pokeball on it and Apple Caramel Cake!!! I swear I gained 20 pounds this weekend. Thanks Becky for the wonderful Feast.

Sunday we hit the Zoo. We kept it a surprise right up until Liam saw our co ordinates on the GPS ( d'oh!!) They were pretty excited and we had a good time. Mid way through the day, I realized I had a bladder infection... so it was pretty touch and go, but I wasn't leaving as we came all this way to do the Zoo and we were going to do it all! The kids got to pet sting rays, go through the children's part of the zoo where they could show us stuff... The whole zoo was pretty interactive. I think we all had a good time.

We had to leave Monday to come back home. Helyn's cold was in full swing, I was in a lot of pain for the ride home, but I made do with some mortin and tylonol. The boys had a harder time staying busy for the ride home, but yea... we got home and that is all that counts. Glen was so tired too. That is a lot of driving in 3 days. Thanks baby. I think there is a reason we don't go on weekend trips very often. LOL.

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