Friday, October 17, 2008

Can you tell I love Fridays??

I do..
I love Friday's so much.
The kids are all having a rest right now, so I will take a few minutes to update before I have to get back to my chores.

Liam went to school this morning. He didn't get sick again after the night before. He was tired so he rested all day and was feeling much better by yesterday evening.
He said he was afraid of throwing up at school. I don't blame him. He threw up at school in Sr.Kindergarten and his teacher made a big deal out of the mess he made ( yes i wanted to clock her one after I heard that). He is such a good boy with such a good heart... he doesn't want to be embarrassed.

Aidan has been ok. He had a cough this week, but nothing horrible. We got his school picture proofs in yesterday. They are alright. I wish he would have showed his nice smile, but he did his closed mouth smile. They are cute.

Helyn is feeling a little better. Still tired and cranky off and on ( but is that out of the normal really?). She fell asleep on me last night while we were all watching a movie. She doesn't do that too often. Usually its on daddy, so it was a rare treat.

Tomorrow night Glen and I are going to the Boston/Ottawa game. This is his 3rd game from our season tickets and my first. He brought our friend Chris to the first one, Liam to the second and now its my turn. Aidan will go to the next one with him.

I am feeling a little better. I seem to have something sinusy going on. My head feels like its going to implode at my eyes. I might have to go back to the Er this weekend if it doesn't clear up. My bladder infection seems to be better though... so at least I have that.

We are going to work on the yard this weekend, so I am trying to get all my inside chores done today so I can work outside tomorrow. Hopefully the kids don't mind the fresh air. Our neighbour Lena has been helping so much and I am very appreciative. I have to think of something nice to do for her.

Glen is going to work on the basement on Sunday. I wish I could help him more, but who is going to watch the kids while I help sand? The boys are pretty self sufficent, but I don't want Helyn in front of the TV all day. Maybe a movie, but not all day.


This weekend, we forgot her potty at home while we were at Becky's. She used the big toilet at Becky's once and at a restaurant we stopped at on the way back too. She has been using her little potty since we got back but today she asked to use the big toilet TWICE!!!!!

This is very exciting!! I hate dragging that pot around everywhere. Hee Hee!! Can you tell I am happy? Now.. we have to get her pooing more. She had a BM on Wednesday night so its been 2 days since her last one. I have to make an appointment to see our Nurse Practioner. She seems to think its psychological. You can tell after 2 days, she grabs her bum and looks like she is trying to stop it. Experts say that after a child has a painful BM that they think that they will always hurt so I have to try and re program her thinking. Somehow.

I appreciate all the advice from the mom's about their experiences and remedies. Keep them coming. We have tried quite a few, including dietary changes, supplements and etc.

So yea.. there we are.. and Have a good weekend.

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