Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Ramblings.

Busy Busy week.
Glen and Mark got the basement coated in primer this weekend and Glen put in the pot lights yesterday. Now we have to get the paint and the flooring down, then the baseboards... then maybe we will be done.

I am now hoping that it will be done by the 8th as Nana and Papa are taking the kids for the night and I would have time to put finishing touches before Glen gets home on Saturday before we head out for the night.

Glen is helping our friends Chris and Sandra move on Thursday and Friday. He won't be home Thursday night and will be helping move most of Friday but will be home in time for trick or treating.

Hope everything is good with y'all. I will update more later when I can.


The Burger Blog said...

Oh boy, you are doing a basement too. We are in basement hell right now. Ed has been sealing the walls and this weekend patching the cracks, then framing, electical, drywall, painting.....it might be next summer before it all gets done, which is bad because everything in the basement is in the garage right now.

I hope yours gets done quicker than ours!

Christine said...

We have been working on ours since Spring.
It is a lot of work.
I am hoping to get a lot done on it this weekend so We can put the finishing touches on it the weekend after next. My inlaws are taking the kids for the night so I can spend the afternoon painting or straightening up so we can move things down later.
We are painting now, the lights and electrical are done, so after the paint, comes the floor, then the baseboards, then we are done!!

It will be so awesome to have a place for the kids to hang out with their friends and for the day care kids to get into everything.

When did you start yours?

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