Friday, October 24, 2008

TGIF... my normal Friday post.

Tonight Glen is at the Anaheim/Ottawa game with our friend Mark.
Me and our Friend Christine brought our kids to the Halloween Party at Beckwith. They had a great time. Aidan was Pikachu, Helyn was a ladybug ( saving her Butterfly costume for next week) and Liam was a pokemon trainer.

Helyn fell asleep within minutes on the couch. The boys are playing quietly in their room right now, or they might be sleeping but I doubt it.

Our Friday went pretty well. It was pretty cold this morning so we did the park later in the day. We should be pretty busy this weekend. We have a few things on our plate.. so time will go fast for sure.

Here are some pics from tonight.








Michele said...

What fun!!! The costumes look GREAT!

Tabatha said...

What a great time, looks so fun.

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