Thursday, October 23, 2008


Our computer had a virus and our ISP shut down our account because they said we were messing their server or something.
So Glen had to reformat last night.

We are back online today.

Updates * Liam is grounded for Lying to us about something he did and not telling us in the first place. He is not allowed to see his friends outside of school for a week. Its feels so mean.. but it is what is most important to him. He won't be able to go to the halloween party that is being put on by the town this weekend.

Aidan didn't do so well at the hockey game last night. He wanted to come home early into the game so the boys were home by 9. I guess its just not Aidan's thing. Luckily it was just a Florida Panther's game that Glen had to miss.

Helyn has been doing pretty good. She hasn't had any runny ones since last week, hasn't pooed either.. but yea.. What do i do with her? She is in good spirits for the most part. She loves to snuggle and play with her little dolls with me. Its adorable.
She just walks up to you and says : mommy, do you want to snuggle" and her arms are full of toys, you know she doesn't want to snuggle, she just wants your time. Its cute.

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