Saturday, August 30, 2008


Its the long weekend baby!!

I survived the last week of summer and my sanity is still in tact.
I had a couple days where I didn't think I was going to make it and after yesterday.. I was certain i would be in the looney bin, but we made it.

It rained most of yesterday so it ruined my plans for lots of outdoor summer activities, but somehow I kept them busy with crafts, play and some goodies.
Thankfully Debbie took the older kids over to her place for a couple hours so the young ones could have a rest and I could collect myself.

I can tell you now that I truly hate Summer. LOL. It is fun.. but it was so darn busy.. it flew so fast.

I think we got the last of the needed school supplies now, we just have to do groceries tomorrow and that's it. I am doing a big cleaning today, I have most of Helyn's room cleaned up, just need to vaccuum.. the boys room will be another story.

Sigh... the house needs a good cleaning and I can't wait until the basement is done. I have a few ideas of what I want to do down there. I haven't told Glen some of them, but it won't be too scary for him, I hope.
Ha Ha.

So here are some pics from this week of the kids

Aidan and his handsome self

My handsome Aj

Aidan and his best Bud Sam

best buds

Liam and his noodle

Liam and his noodle

Helyn enjoying her cupcake

enjoying cupcakes

Enjoying cupcakes

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