Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I think I am catching a cold.

Becky came to pick up Ben and Blue yesterday and I just fell to pieces. We both tried to keep it straight, but we hugged goodbye and it was so gut wrenching. I pulled it together after a couple minutes but continued to lose it off and on all day. (Sorry Becky).

We finally got to know each other these last 8 years and I can say that you have been my best friend, confidant and my sanity and it was very hard to let you go yesterday. I don't think Glen really understood how I could be so upset ( maybe a little bit, but I don't think he got the entire picture).

Anyways, I will miss not having you half an hour away if I need you.
I will miss not being able to call you just because I need to bitch to someone and vice versa without worrying about my long distance minutes.
I will miss our little day trips into Ottawa and not meeting up with you guys for the afternoon.

I just miss you so much and it has only been half a day since you left.

On the bright side, we still have the internet. LOL. We have calling cards and long distance plans. I think Webcams will be next.

Hope the move goes well.

Love you.

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