Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Survived today

Today was my first day back to work since Vacation and I survived.
I lost Waylon for a whole 3 minutes today too.
We were coming back from Lena's and the 3 older boys ran ahead and I was trying to find them when I realized Waylon wasn't there.
Lena kept the younger ones with her and Liam and Kyle helped me find him. He was in Kyle's neighbour's back yard on her play set. Thank goodness the same things hold his attention and kept him there while we found him. Oh man.

His mom understood and we found him fast so, yea.. but I still feel bad for losing him. Or maybe I didn't lose him in his mind, he was in a safe place.. Anyways. I feel bad.

Today we made a cake and brought a portable party to our neighbour Lena for her 62nd birthday. I got her a present while we were out of town too and Helyn picked out a card for her on the weekend. The kids made her a banner too. It was cute.

Tomorrow is water day. WE are going to spend the day in the sprinkler and the wading pool. Please pray it doesn't rain.

I hope tomorrow I am over the hump for getting back to "normal" after our holiday. It was really rough today for everyone. The daycare kids came running in so excited today though, made me feel good to get extra long hugs and big smiles. It made me feel wanted.

Glen finally got his birth certificate in the mail and has his passport being processed. He is going to Colorado the first week of September for training for work. He is really excited about it and I am too. He has been wanting to go on these things for some time so now he can learn more.

So yea... don't know what else to update on. The kids are good. Trying to get back into routine again too I suppose. Helyn needed a few time outs today and Aidan and Liam needed a few reminders on how long video games could be played and how to talk to each other but not too bad.

So I will go to bed early tonight and hopefully get a good nights sleep.


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