Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy as always.

This past weekend was crazy busy.
Becky came up with the dog and Benny on Friday night. She watched the kids while me and Glen went to see the Dark Knight ( awesome movie btw). It was a late movie and so we didn't get home until 2ish.
Up in the morning and then we had to hit the stores as we were having people over that night. We were gone for 5 hours!! Didn't want to be gone that long.
So we had our friends over.. we drank too much and ate too much but had a great time.
Up early again on Sunday morning, made breakfast for our guests and then the guys went to work in the basement.
I cleaned up the kitchen and sat down for a little bit, then out shopping again with the girls. I got the boys some of their school supplies and Helyn got a baby alive doll that drinks and sleeps.. its cute. She likes it.

So last night I was exhausted , but i was still up late.

The house was still a mess this morning, the kids were all in moods... I am ready for bed already.

Helyn had 4 time outs 1 after the other for yelling and hitting the other kids. Jorian had 3, yea... they act like brother and sister..

Yea for Quiet time. Liam and Dylan went to Lena's to play a board game with Kyle, Jorian is sleeping. Waylon is on the puter, ( I am on the lap top), Helyn, Aidan and Sierra are watching a movie and Emma is at the table with me colouring.
Oh and Ben.. is bouncing from the TV to the computer to colouring. LOL he can't choose what do do. ha ha.

Becky will be here soon to take Blue and Ben to Hamilton. Gonna miss her big time. She will be back next weekend to pack up and move... today they are going down to sign papers and get the house ready before they move their stuff.

So stressed... and tired.. when is my next vacation?

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