Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us.

Yesterday was our 11th wedding anniversary.
Can you believe that we are still going strong?
Craziness. It does not feel like 11 years.

Glen had to work yesterday so me and the kids spent the morning out and I took them out for Brunch at the Good Food Company and then we came back home and I cleaned.

We got some dinner for take out( the kids had potato wedges and chicken fingers, me and Glen made a chicken Caesar salad).

We made last minute plans to go into the city to Zaphods and caught a couple live bands playing. It was a good night out I think. We got home at 130ish and send our good friend Debbie home who watched the kids for us. THANKS Debbie.

Glen brought the boys out to see Star Wars Clone Wars on Friday. Liam really enjoyed it, but Aidan just wanted to come home. He hasn't been doing well in busy places lately and he said he wasn't feeling well. He is just like daddy. We have to figure out his anxiety issues and help him learn how to relax or control them. We have been doing deep breathing exercises with him and talking him down when he gets all out of sorts.

What to do??

I am going to ask our counsellor if she can refer him to a child professional to help him out. I am at a loss of what to do.

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