Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh its almost Friday!!

One more day until the weekend.
This has been a taxing week.
I was spoiled last week.
Now its back to reality and a whole lot of kids to care for.
Its like they have been deprogrammed or something.
Back to square one with whining, hitting, talking back, manners gone.. etc.. you name it.

I could really use a drink tonight.

We had Birthday Party day on Tuesday as I had said. Wednesday was water day and lucky for me the rain held off and we had some fun. Today was bike day ( the kids love bringing their bikes so I thought it could be a standing day) and tomorrow is book day.

Liam gave me some grief today when I said we were having Valentine's day next week. He doesn't want to make Valentines. So I told him that Steven will be here ( his best bud) so they could go off and do their own thing while we do our exchange with the kids. What a boy.

Helyn has a new movie. She was into Curious George for the longest time and now its the Bee Movie. They are both cute movies. She loves having tea parties and playing with her toy animals. She is adorable and so grown up in the way she talks.

Aidan has been super sucky this week. I guess that is to be expected with us being away last week but his confidence is shot too. He said last night that he was stupid and this made my heart sink. Why would he think that? We never use the "s" word in the house. After some talking he said he was stupid because he can't read, so our plan of action is to get him reading more each day a few times a day for like 10 minutes each time, cut down on his TV and his video game time. He has been spending a lot of time at one of our neighbour's and he plays video games non stop there ( i only give them time during quiet time).
Glen thinks we should get him into a shrink for his low self confidence but I don't think we need to go that far.. yet. We will see how he fairs in a few weeks and if there is no improvement, we will talk to June about a referral.

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