Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh Man, that sucks.

We got out for a walk this morning, it wasn't raining yet, but I still dressed up the kids in rain coats just in case.

So we get halway around the block and it starts sprinkling. I figure we have about 10 minutes before it pours by looking at the clouds.. I was wrong.

Full on downpour within a minute. Oh we got wet. I don't mind walking in the rain and we were even splashing in puddles and laughing at how wet we were getting. But all of a sudden Helyn wanted to get carried, Emily started whining and the dog was pulling like crazy. Ahhhh. They took my happy moment and made it anxiety ridden. Oh well.. I figured they were hungry so we are having an early lunch before a craft project and then its quiet time.

Oh how I love quiet time. Jorian and Emily are the only 2 who usually nap, but I have a feeling Helyn will fall asleep today. Waylon and Emma can watch a movie or play on the computer for a bit and I don't think the boys are coming home any time soon. So please pray its quiet for a bit so i can regroup.

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