Thursday, July 24, 2008

So tired.

Well I finally just sat down.

I know I said I wasn't going to pack Glen's bag, but I did minus warm clothes. I was putting away the laundry and was running out of room so I packed his shirts, underwear, socks, shorts and swim pants. He can pick out what he wants to wear that is warmer and if he wants pants.

I am pathetic aren't I?

Tomorrow is Christmas In July with the daycare kids so I just finished decorating the living room with tinsel and putting up some Christmas decorations. Waylon and Emma's mom loaned me a little tree so we can put our presents under it. Thanks Tracy. Hopefully they appreciate it. The boys just came downstairs a few minutes ago and Aidan asked if it was Christmas. LOL so cute.

We are doing a present pass around, making christmas cookies, making a Christmas craft and watching a Christmas movie for quiet time. I will probably read a Christmas story too. It will be fun. The kids are psyched!

It will be a crazy last day before vacation.. but at least the kids will have a good day if all goes well.


Northern Voices said...

I am so impressed by your commitment to the kiddies. I was telling Christine about the Halloween Day and we agreed you should do a Christmas Day in July - and here you are doing it. Way to go!

Christine said...

Isn't that funny?!

We are going to do one major holiday a week until school starts. Well Major holiday like Halloween maybe not.. but in a child's eyes it is.

We are gone next week but when we come back, I think we are doing Valentine's day, the week after will be Easter, New Years and maybe Thanksgiving.. but I am not sure they will enjoy that as much.
I want to do an Olympics/summer fun day before school starts.

Yea.. it helps break up the summer a bit for them anyways.

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