Friday, July 11, 2008

Rain Rain go away

Its raining this morning.
This really sucks when you have 8 kids in your home for the day.
The house is either a) going to get destroyed or b) get really clean because I will put them all to work. Hee Hee. Which is what I am making Liam and Aidan do today as their room is a disaster area.
We were thinking of bringing the boys to the concert with us tonight, but its supposed to rain all day and I am not sure we would like to let them play in mud all night. So we will see how things dry up today.

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty busy day. We spent the morning at the park, came back for lunch and quiet time then back out to the park and playing outside with the ride on toys and bikes until the parents came to pick up the other kids.

I dont know what to do with Helyn. All of a sudden, she isn't sleeping well anymore. She is giving up her nap, fine.. i can deal with that if she sleeps better at night but she isn't. She keeps waking up throughout the night and calling out for me, or whining or screaming ( which is her new thing). And putting her down is no picnic either. She gets out of bed 3+ times before she falls asleep on the floor, in my bed, on the stairs, etc.

I hate sleep training.. its seems like its never over. And I wanted to have her go down easily for Becky and Lynn and Murray when we go away.

Any suggestions?


Karin said...

Consistency and no fun stuff. With Tegan if she gets up - she has to go back right away to her own bed. If I let her stay up a bit or come into my bed, the next time she's up that is what she expects and then she cries harder when I don't give in. And boy is she ever good at screaming now.

Christine said...

Yea.. we are trying that.
There are nights where i keep bringing her back over and over... about, like i said, 3+ times.
Then she doesnt come downstairs and she is sleeping in odd positions and in weird places.

Helyn gives out this great shrieking scream.. makes the hair stand on your neck. Glen first thought there was something wrong with her, but i let him know it was a new thing she did... now he hardly flinches.

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