Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busy weekend.

We went to the Civilizations museum yesterday. Glen had to work so I brought them down and we met Becky and Ben.

They loved the children's part of the museum, it was very interactive and they had a special Bob the builder exhibit that we could barely tear them apart from.

We also brought them to an IMAX movie called Wild Ocean. It was really cool. Helyn really enjoyed it and Liam too. Aidan got a little scared at parts, but I talked him through and then it was good.

We went to the Rideau center after and met up with my friend Nancy and her daughter Jess and another friend Sandra for ice cream and some shopping. If it werent for all the extra ladies there helping me out, I would have lost one of the kids, I am sure of it.

We said goodbye to Nancy, Becky and Ben and Jess and went to Sandra's to wait for Daddy to pick up up. We had a dip in their pool and then when daddy came, we went for dinner at Mexicala Rosa's.

Oh it was a long day, but I think the kids had fun.

I forgot, Aidan threw up in the middle of the night. I swear it's because we ate nothing but fast food all day ( mcdonald's for breakfast, muffins for lunch, ice cream for snack and he had pogos and fries for dinner). I swear my kids are not meant for fast food for 3 meals a day. Liam used to get sick when we had days like that, now its Aidan. Poor guy.

Yea.. so that was Saturday.

Today was shopping and getting things cleaned up before we leave in 6 days!!!! OMG I can't believe its coming up this fast. Wish us luck. We still have a lot to get ready before we go.

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