Monday, October 26, 2009

New beginnings

Going to try and update this more.
Its going to be more like a diary.. I need a place to keep myself accountable for my actions.

I am started back on WW today. Counting my points, and going to exercise daily.

This is my menu for today.

Banana 3
eng muf with peanut butter 3
apple 1
Mashed Tapatoes 3
mmixed veggies 0
coffee with mil 2
almonds 2
apricots 1
popcorn 2

Grand total for the day is 20 points.

I want to be down 10 pounds by Christmas and down 20 in total by the time I reach my goal.
I haven't weighed myself yet.. our Wii Scale is down at the moment.. might need a new sensor thing for it.
I am estimating my weight to be 155.. would like to be 130-135 by the end of my new life style.
Going to do 20 minutes of exercise each day on tp of walking to and from work.

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