Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hey Hey

Christmas is over.
The kids had a good one.

Money was tight this year, but we were still able to pull of some nice presents.
There was a lot of lego, board games and other non electrical toys this year which was a good thing as we had no power for most of Boxing day. LOL.

It was great to see them enjoy their toys.

Glen's work is keeping him busy at the moment which is good. We are trying to bank on it and stay ahead.

Work for me is good. I was off for nearly 2 weeks with a cold. I am back tomorrow.
Feeling better now thank goodness. Funny, no one else got sick thankfully.... I was the only one who got the H1N1 Shot. Hmmm co inky dink??

Going to have a quiet new years too. Having a few friends over for drinks and the kids will be here so nothing too wild.

Hope you all had a great holiday and have a fabulous new year.


Michele said...

I'm glad your feeling better and the kids had a great Christmas! Happy New Year Chris!!!

Meu Milagre said...

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