Friday, October 15, 2010


Liam was in a cross country run for his school yesterday. He came in 45/60. A big improvment from last year where he came in 58th. He was happy with his accomplisment.We are proud of him too.

He has been having a hard time with Beckwith School lately. There is a girl in his class that likes to make his life hell. She controls what goes on in their lunch soccer game and likes to tell Liam to go to the other team when he ends up on hers. We are trying to teach him to speak up for himself... we feel if he makes his voice heard, she will let down eventually, we hope. He wants to go back to his other school. He has only been there for a month and he told us the reason he wanted to go there in the first place was to learn french so we are trying to convince him to stay a little longer. He is making some friends so that helps as well.

Aidan had his birthday party over the weekend. I will never have that many children over for a sleepover ever ever again! It was insanity. No huge problems, just a bunch of different personalities that didn't mess all the time and neither Glen nor I had enough patience or energy to keep up with them all the time. The moral of the story is Aidan had fun, the boys had fun and that's all we can ask for right? Thank you to Ethan, Aiden, James, Sam, Tye, Rylan for coming and for the wonderful gifts. :)

Helyn went shopping last night with her birthday money from Nanny and picked out a ..... gasp..... Barbie! This is new to her, but she is enjoying dolls lately.. not sure what I think about it, but she is a girl so I guess its welcome LOL. Where did this little girl come from? She still enjoys playing lego and pokemon with the boys, but when it comes down to it, she enjoys the barbies and polly pockets more. Ahhhh.

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