Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A long overdue update

Well here we are mid October 2011. Liam is playing football this year. Full contact. It's a great starter program. No games but two practices a week.
In the spring they will play other teams.
He is really enjoying it.
Liam is in grade 6 this year. This is his last year in grade school. We are having a hard time with that as he is only going to be 12 And being mixed in with 18 year olds. He is a mature boy, but he is so easily influenced. :(

Aidan is in grade 4 this year. He isn't in any programs as of right now but we are registering him for swimming next session. We has him at open doors for a few months. It is a counseling program which helped us work on his self esteem. He learned quite a bit. It was. Good program for him.

Helyn just turned 6 in September and is in grade 1. Where did my baby girl go?
She is doing well. She really enjoys playing with her friends and doing arts and crafts. She is such a sweet little girl full of love and sweetness.

I am still working for the midwives. It's full time now. It's always busy with lots to do. I really enjoy it and learn new things everyday.

Glen is still working hard with his business. Hard to believe its been two and a half years.

We added a new member to the family in march. A new puppy named jagermeister or j├Ąger do short. He loves driving our 10 year old Sophie nuts and chases our cat Steve around for fun.

So that's it for now. I will start updating on a more regular basis.

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