Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where did August go?

Its already the 19th??!! Seriously?? When did that happen?

Its been a busy month. The kids have had playdates, sleepovers and lots of outside time ( up until last week at least with the heat).

Liam has been flipping through the Christmas wishbook lately and pointing out all that he wants... its too early for Christmas! He has been enjoying his bigger boy freedom. We let him go around the block to his friend's houses and to the park by himself even though I still have a hard time letting him go. He is 9 1/2 and I should let him have more freedom.. but its still hard. He is also talking about when he turns 10 next year and how he will be able to stay home by himself after school until I get home. Why does he want to grow up so fast?

Aidan is doing well. He taught himself to ride a 2 wheeler a few weeks back and is now riding like he has been doing it forever. Me thinks the scooter he got a few months back helped him find his balance.

Helyn has been talking up a storm. She really is coming out of her shell and starting to look, sound and act more like a 4 year old. She is always asking for help and now trying to recruit the boys into it. She calls them that... not her brothers but " My boys." "Mommy, where are my boys?"
Its so cute.

Work is settling in now. Things are getting easier. I am getting to know all the midwives and how they are.. its getting there.

Glen is doing ok with work. He is staying busy and I guess that is what counts.

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