Friday, August 7, 2009

Long over due post

Hi.. Its me.
Life is so busy with me working now.
The job is going well. I think I am finally finding my niche and getting comfortable now. The midwives are really helpful and understanding with my questions and yea.. Its good.

The kids are adjusting well too. They really don't seem to notice that I am gone during the day. LOL. They are happy to say " Bye Mom, see you later" and just as happy to greet me when I come home. Its good.

Becky came up last weekend to watch the kids while we went camping. It was great to see her and Ben. Ben gave me the best snuggles ever. Love him so much.

Camping was great. Very relaxing and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

Glen's business is doing well. Its tough getting used to the lesser amount of a paycheck, but we are making due. We still have the house and the bills are getting paid.

Um... what else can I say?? Nothing much. I will try and get on at least once a week to update. If there is anything I haven't touched on, comment and ask and I will answer.

Going to Belleville this weekend with my friend Tanya for some time away. It will be fun.

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Brooke said...

Glad everyone is adjusting well and things are working out. Hope you had fun on your weekend with your friend.

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