Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Need another root canal.

Yea me.
Went in to see Uncle Stu yesterday to get a filling filled from the other root canal and now I need to get another root canal done. Remind me to call the other dentist after I get off of here.
Not looking forward to that at all.

This weekend was another busy one.
I was at my friend Tanya's Friday night, then Glen drove in with the kids on Saturday and we spent the day in the city. My friend Crash came and drove us home.. what an Angel.. thanks so much!!
Then on Sunday was our friend Kayla's birthday so we went and celebrated with the family and had some cake. Very fun.

The kids are good... which is strange that no one is really causing trouble and getting along.. waiting for something to give.. but yea.

So here are some pics from Kid's Zone



And one from Ladies night


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